Hello World, They’re Your Wild Girls: “The Runaways” Press Junket

After Jett left, Kristen
and her co-star Dakota Fanning walked in together. Stewart sat down
next to me and immediately jack-knifed her legs up under herself, and
put her feet on her chair. Fanning sat with her legs crossed, hands
in her lap. Her demure nature was betrayed only by her surprisingly
dangerous shoes: wild, black leather, high-heeled dominatrix kicks.
Loved them.

Question: What did you think
of the wardrobe, hair, make-up and all of that?
Dakota Fanning:
I loved it. I was really excited that I got to keep

Q: You got to keep it?
Yeah, I got to keep pretty much everything. It became really
important to me and I was really protective of my clothes.

Q: Including the lingerie?
Oh yeah! [laughter] I was the most protective of those!

Q: Kristen, Joan talked
about the hair. And you told her you were really going to cut your hair.
That showed a certain level of commitment on your part…
Kristen Stewart:
I love how that’s her thing. She really holds onto
the hair thing…[laughter] I needed to feel sweat dripping down my
face. I would have felt like a fraud if I had a wig on. I’ve worn wigs
in the past. They can look great and a lot of actresses won’t work
them. Dakota’s wig looks amazing. She would literally be like [sweeps
hair back with one hand.] [addressing Fanning] You worked really well
with it. Sometimes, they are a serious problem.

Q: Did it help you become
Joan Jett?
Oh yeah. How could she feel I was the right person to play her?
She’s so different from me, really. The wardrobe and the hair, you get
on set with everyone else, and it slowly becomes a reality you can
As soon as you get there, it all sort of comes together. I can’t really
bring myself to do anything until I’m on set.

[to Fanning] Did being 15 years-old
in the film – the age that Cherie was
– help you connect to her and to the character?
Yeah, I think it did. I really liked that it was authentic.
And because of the subject matter, I didn’t want people to think that
I was trying to be older than I was. And to be authentic to [Currie's]
age was important. It just worked out.

KS: It’s such a
thing to hired older actors to play younger parts. But, especially with
this, [there's an] impact to watching girls that age behave like that.

Can you [both] describe how your friendship has evolved?
It’s weird to talk about your friends when they’re sitting right
next to you. [to Fanning] Go for it. Go.

Oh, throwing me under the bus a little bit. [laughter] Working this
closely with someone, you can’t help but become bonded with them. It
helps when you actually like them and actually get along really well,
and become really good friends. I haven’t done a lot of movies with
people close to my own age to have a good friend like that. So, I was
excited to do that and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to
do it with.

Q: You guys got extra close
during the filming of [the kissing/love scene.] How was that?
[to Stewart] I answered the other one, so… [laughter]

KS: [to Fanning] You’re
blushing a little bit. [laughter] It was cool. I didn’t mind. The way
that it happened in the script, it was a just moment in time. It was
fun and natural and just impulsive. They don’t have that type of
that’s like, "Ooh, they’re closer than normal." They were
just best friends. It was just that time.

Q: Kristen, [You were
previously asked] who was a better kisser: your
Yellow Handkerchief co-star or your
Twilight co-star? Now we have another one… [long
[to Stewart] She’s asking you which one.

KS: I mean, like…
Yeah. I don’t know. How do you answer that? I didn’t answer that
back then]. I don’t know.

AfterEllen: How did you
guys feel about Kathryn Bigelow winning
this year’s Oscar for Best Director?
I thought that was really great.

DF: I loved that movie
(The Hurt Locker) too. It was wonderful.

AE: Well,
as The Runaways did in the 70s, she’s
a woman succeeding in a male-dominated genre.
If you make something good, you’re going to get recognized for
it. But it’s so hard to get there. She’s obviously really talented,
smart and awesome.

Q: Beyond the
Twilight phenomenon, how do you imagine your professional lives
evolving? And will you miss it when
it’s gone – that Twilight
I’m not a huge part of that. I’m just in a few scenes…

KS: [to Fanning] No,
come on.

DF: [laughs] I’m just
in a few scenes, but I will be sad when I don’t get to wear red contacts

KS: Well, it’s the only
opportunity I’ve ever had to do something so concentrated with something
I love, so I feel like I could go back to any character [now.]

As Kristen and Dakota were
spirited away by their handlers, we all had the sense they didn’t want
Stewart talking about Twilight
for some reason. That was fine with me, but I did want her to answer
the kissing question. Guess we’ll never know.

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