“Heading Out” recap: Surprise! (Episode 1)


Her blundering day of a birthday finally starts to look up as she walks home through a park and, after rescuing an off-leash dog from some tangled barbed wire, discovers that the owner of the dog is this beauty:

Played by Shelley Conn, otherwise known as Nina of Nina’s Heavenly Delights, this beauty and Sara share a deliciously natural and flirty banter which I never want to end. This scene also exposes Sara’s insecurities as not simply awkward, as it’s appeared all episode, but suddenly adorably, lovably vulnerable. After Sara gives her her card, Nina, here known as Eve, remarks, “You don’t do eye contact much, do you?” Sara says no, not when she can help it. Eve invites her to try it more often. As she walks away, Sara invites her to the “surprise” birthday party she knows Justine and Jamie are planning for her. Eve asks if Sara not supplying her with where or when the party is happening is also a surprise. Sara says sure. Eve says she’ll consider it a challenge. And I am flailing.

At the surprise party, Sara actually is surprised by Hip Young Blonde being there, which she finds out a few moments before Wonderful Eve fulfills her challenge and shows up, too. Whoopsie! Sara gulps her wine.

Happy birthday!

Even after Hip Young Blonde declares that Sara is an unfulfilling shag, and also after Sara’s dog has finally drug the dead cat out of her bag—great party trick!—Eve still invites Sara outside to have a fag with a dashing, heart-stopping smile. Sara says she will, right after the color in her cheeks returns to a more normal shade. But it turns out she doesn’t even have a chance to continue the glorious flirting before Jamie and Justine bring everyone together for a toast. Jamie begins:

“Sara — you are smug, intellectually insecure, messy, and a nightmare girlfriend!”

Happy birthday!

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