“Heading Out” recap: Surprise! (Episode 1)

Before Sara hops on top of the hip blonde girl once she gets to her apartment, she first removes the approximately five million cartons of yogurt she has in her fridge to insert the dead-cat-in-a-bag into it, which she hasn’t been able to take to the crematorium yet, which is normal. And then she proceeds to actually hop on top of the hip blonde girl. We next see this lovely shot —

— during which Sara is woken up by parents calling to wish her a happy 40th birthday. The machine picks up their call and we hear them talking about how they just received a wonderful email from a lad in Nigeria about how they’d won the lottery in Lagos, as Sara hops around to get clothed and pour herself a bowl of cereal before she actually picks up. This is where the writing, in my opinion, really starts to pick up and make me laugh. When her mom starts to go on about how she doesn’t want her to be alone, Sara ends up making up a lie about how she HAS met someone — a Frenchman, who’s a salesman. When her mom asks of what, she replies, “Legs. Mainly legs.”

“Well, everybody does need legs.”

Her mom insists on “the four of them” meeting up for dinner, and Sara thinks of a ridiculous excuse for each weekend until it’s gotten to six weeks away, which is the limit of ridiculous excuses. She marks the date on her calendar like it’s armageddon.

Sounds great, Mom.

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