“Heading Out” recap (Ep. 6): Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


Sara, meanwhile, is doing her best to get up her courage and starts a few times to say hopeful things to her parents such as, “I have something I’d like to tell you,” but manages to get sidetracked each time. First, it’s by her mother starting to hum the bridal march after Sara’s first attempt.

Oh dear. No, not that.

Then it’s by Florence the snake, who, as animals are wont to do on this show, has been hiding the whole time in Sara’s bag. As Sara jumps up to help the waiter/cop who’s been bitten by Forence, she and Eve–and Anna Skellern–see each other for the first time.

The day is saved by Sara’s brother Ben finally showing up, who calmly picks up the snake and places it in his bag. Sara scolds him, “Will there ever be a time in my life when you’re not saving the day?” But then she whispers, “I’m so glad you’re here.” Ben appears to be a supremely charming and gentle guy with an acutely adorable face.

As they all sit down to eat, Ben and their parents start talking while Jamie continues to encourage Sara to just go on and DO IT ALREADY. And finally, finally, Sara’s going to take that final step, and even stands up to do it! Yet as she’s in the act of standing, Ben suddenly turns to his parent and says that he’s realized life is too short to not be honest with the people you love. And then: “Mom, Dad–I’m gay.”

Eve and Anna Skellern argue in the background.

Sara’s mom tells Ben he’s brave, and that she’s proud of him. She then turns to Sara, who has slowly sat back down in shock, to say, “At least we’ve got you to provide the grandchildren, eh?”

Really shouldn’t have thrown away that lucky charm.

Aaaand that’s a wrap!

So while obviously dragging along the coming out to her parents storyline forever will reach a breaking point, I really enjoyed the both-your-children-are-gay surprise angle. I want to see more of her brother, and I want to see more of her and Eve, and I always want to see more of Justine and Jamie. I know the reviews have been extremely mixed for the show overall, and I feel doubtful of a second series actually being approved. But after this episode, if by chance there was a second series, I know I’d watch.

What are your thoughts?

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