“Heading Out” recap (Ep. 6): Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner


This is all so cute and wonderful and makes me really hopeful for both of them and also makes me really want to see more. In addition, Eve’s velvety crimson hoodie scrunched around her perfect face is killing me. She says to give her a few days to get things in order, and then maybe they’ll see about entering these new phases of theirs. After she leaves, Sara discovers Toria’s lucky charm has been stuck in her jacket the whole time. Maybe that psycho-therapist has been good for something!

And then Sara promptly throws the good luck charm in the trash.

The next morning, her good luck starts to turn icky from the start: she arrives at work to find that their vet office has been burgled. It gives me such great joy to be able to use the word “burgled” in a recap. Daniel’s already there and attacks Sara on arrival, believing she might be the burglars were coming back; she kicks him in the balls. He sinks to the ground yelling, “Oh god, my balls! Oh god, my balls! Oh god, THAT’S GOOD.” Again, I don’t know if I should like Daniel, but I just really do.

A “community support” police officer shows up, who ends up having no power at all except being a general twat. Sara refers to him as “an extra from the Full Monty.” Not shockingly, he leaves without giving much community support at all. While Daniel figures out that all the good drugs have been stolen, Jamie and Justine show up to help with the repair. Jamie is thrilled to have an opportunity for some deep cleaning, and Justine helps Sara figure out that dear snakey Florence has also gone missing in the melee. Sara instructs Justine to stand up on a chair while they look; Justine shouts, “Oh, hooray!” Like, she actually says, “Oh, hooray!” because it sounds like a fun game. God, I love Justine.

Sara ends up getting bit by the snake and Daniel jabs her multiple times in the ass with a needle which is too painful for me to laugh at. It also ends up that he shot her up with penicillin, which she’s allergic to, and shouldn’t everyone be more freaked out about all of this and between the snake venom and allergic substance shot right into her body, shouldn’t she be dead soon? Alas, she isn’t, and after a trip to the hospital is still able to show up for The Dinner with her parents. Except when she shows up, due to some reaction or another, her face has turned neon orange.

Justine tells the hostess she has a table reserved; the hostess asks under what name. Naturally, Justine says, “Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands.” She whispers to Sara that when you say stuff like that, you get treated better. Duh.

Sara’s bad luck streak continues as the community police officer from earlier ends up being their waiter. And when her parents show up, they first assume Jamie is Sara’s boyfriend. When she assures them he’s not, they ask where her boyfriend is then, and Sara laughs nervously as if recalling, “Ah, ha, yes, I told you I had a boyfriend who sold legs.” A swell start!

She also finally checks out what her face looks like in a bathroom mirror. As she stares at her oompa loompa self in horror, Justine lets out a short laugh and then says, “I wasn’t laughing. It was…just an upbeat sneeze.” Which is a line I must use at some point in life. Justine then asks where the lucky charm is and gasps when Sara reveals she threw it away. No wonder you’re cursed, Justine cries! She then asks what we all ask ourselves in these situations: What Would Toria Do? Something really annoying, Sara answers, like a lucky dance or something.

Definitely going to work.

It’s also been revealed earlier in the episode that Sara has a brother–who knew!–and that he, too, is coming to dinner. While they sit around the table waiting for him, we see that Eve and her beautiful, perfect partner have also shown up for dinner at the same restaurant. And here we learn that Anna Skellern’s character is a pretentious, condescending bitch. Which of course makes the whole plot point of why Eve’s leaving her much easier to understand, but still, Anna Skellern! The horror!

Bad Times at Gorgeous Lesbian High.

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