“Heading Out” recap (Ep. 4): Role Play

Meanwhile, Justine/Anne Marie has continued the role play while the inspector has arrived, pretending to be a vet because being the receptionist bit got boring. The only thing is that the inspector will be coming back for a second day for one-on-one interviews with the “vets.” When Sara asks to see the letter once again to check if it included this part, Justine/Anne Marie/Danielle takes it out of the newly organized file cabinet. She’s put it under “S” for “Scary.” I don’t love this as much as Daniel’s system, but I still love it! These geniuses need to come to all of our offices!

The next morning, Justine/Anne Marie/Danielle say they’ve spent the whole night studying on how to be a vet so they won’t let Sara down. Sara quizzes her:

Sara: How do lambs acquire immunity?
Justine: I want to say — if they become diplomats, but I know that’s not right — or is it?

The Playing With Film Genres Bit of the Week comes into play during the one on one interviews, when Justine and Sara sit down with the inspector and the camera takes on an ominous hue while dramatic orchestral music plays. We have entered a crime drama.

We soon discover that the inspector has always wanted to be a vet but never could because of severe allergies, which allows us to soon segue into yet another Genre Bit. Eve has suddenly shown up with her dog, who in fact actually is sick, even though Sara has continued to ignore her calls at the office. He’s collapsed and needs to go into surgery right away, and being that Daniel is on an S&M vacation at the moment (yeah, that’s happening, too), Sara needs the inspector and Justine/Anne Marie/Danielle to scrub in, fulfilling the inspector’s dream. Which obviously could never happen, but like everything else on this show, we’ll go with it.

The mood then obviously segues into Dramatic Hospital Mode, which is one of my favorites of all genres to make fun of. Justine says, “Blood pressure rising!”  and begins to count up. Sara points out she’s looking at the digital clock. Again, everything Justine does is funny!

To wrap up all the strange plot lines, the inspector ends up pulling out part of the gerbil fortress from Eve’s dog’s stomach (he’s fine), and it turns out the one thing that gets the Russian dog off is Jamie. But most importantly, the dog’s surgery finally forces Sara to talk to Eve. Sara apologizes for being childish; she shouldn’t have run away from her house and should have answered her calls.

But it turns out Sara’s suspicions and insecurities weren’t unfounded; Anna Skellern IS Eve’s boo. She apologizes too, and promises Sara that it IS over between her and Skellern, she just hasn’t had the guts to tell her yet. Sara says it’s okay, that she’s working on telling the people she loves the things they need to hear, too. “We really need to get ourselves sorted, don’t we?” Yes! You do! But they seem to leave it there for now.

What were your thoughts on this one? There’s only two episodes left: what do you think we have waiting for us as the season begins to come to an end?

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