“Heading Out” recap (Ep. 3): L’amour et de l’insecurite

Sara goes to Daniel for advice, presumably because he’s apparently the only other human in the vicinity. She really likes this girl, and needs more confidence. “That’s easy,” he says, and proceeds to imitate what he does for “sexy sexy times,” which is drink some sort of drug addled concoction and convulse like a deranged chipmunk. “Only for about 90 seconds, though. Then your legs give out.” As opposed to the chicken dance number from last week, this bit of physical comedy actual worked for me, a lot of credit for which probably goes to Steve Oram himself.

Once Sara returns to the room, however, where Eve is still waiting to settle her bill, somehow Sabine has shown up and, at that very moment, is filling Eve in on how Sara sounds like an owl when she’s having sex.

No big deal.

After she gets rid of Sabine, Sara gathers herself up enough to ask Eve out for drinks. But at this point for Eve, it’s too little too late, and Sara gets rejected. Womp womp.

Back at home, Sabine is cooking French things and has dressed up Sara’s dog like this:

But in less ridiculous news, she also speaks this truth: “She is nice, that one. She likes you. But you will blow it with your sad Englishness!” At least I think she says Englishness. It can be hard to make out some things through the French haze. But either way, this is true. Although hopefully she won’t actually blow it? Sabine also then ropes her into going to her friend’s funeral with her, which she does because she is still working very hard on growing a spine, and Sara ends up having to speak at the funeral because Sabine is too destroyed by her grief or something, and then she invites people back to Sara’s house for a wake and on and on but I’m sort of over Sabine at this point because we get it. Let’s get back to Eve. Also, I miss Justine. And wait, wasn’t Anna Skellern supposed to show up in this episode?

Sara does, however, make a phone call to Eve at the end of the funeral begging for forgiveness for her awkwardness at the vet office, and explaining that her faltering, insecure love is sort of like a crumble in the oven, or something, a metaphor which doesn’t quite work but somehow still sounds sincere and somewhat adorable so maybe it does actually work.

At the wake, Jamie and Daniel’s manly bromance which has also been going on during this episode reaches its demise, as Jamie realizes he can still be OCD and in touch with his “feminine side” and be just fine. Phew. Sara also finally reaches a tipping point with Sabine that involves lots of shouting and anger. Sabine is pumped! How wonderful! Let it all out! What else do you have to say, Sara?! And she says this: “You are fun, and open, and you love life! And I hate you for it.”

Sara continues this string of brave honesty by showing up to Eve’s house, even though it doesn’t appear that she’s returned her call.

Why are you so ugly, England?

When she rings the bell, however, this beauty shows up at the door instead:

There you are!

Sara stutters that she must have the wrong house; Anna Skellern assures her that she doesn’t, and turns to yell into the house. “Darling!” She calls. Sara’s face collapses.

Sara and Anna Skellern descend into a painfully awkward silence as Sara’s heart is breaking too much to say anything charmingly witty, and Anna Skellern finally says she’ll run and get Eve herself. At which Sara promptly turns around and legit runs away. Like, she literally runs. Of course, a moment later, Eve shows up, to stare at an empty walk.

Oh, Sara! Anna Skellern was probably just saying “Darling” in the way of, “I love you, roomie!” Or, “I love you, sis!” Or, “I just like to use really warm language!” You saw the way Eve’s been flirting with you! Don’t run away! She’s waiting for you with a casually beautiful side braid and her shirt HANGING OFF HER SHOULDER. OFF HER SHOULDER! HER BARE NECK IS WAITING FOR YOU!

Do you think Sara will grow the balls she needs to get her back? And even more pressing, how badly do we all want to live in the house that Anna Skellern and Shelley Conn share?

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