“Heading Out” recap (Ep. 3): L’amour et de l’insecurite


We move swiftly on to another session with Toria, which starts with Toria using one of her plentiful dildos to knock over what appears to be a set of Jenga tiles, symbolizing the crash of Sara coming out to her parents. When Sara asks if the penis isn’t a bit counterproductive in this argument, Toria says, “Ah yes, good point!” And brings out this to use instead:

Like every good life coach, she also then brings out a bongo to drum out Sara’s feelings. Sara drums out, “Piss off.” Toria welcomes the emotion! She explains that it’s there, she just needs to express it — like Jamie! Who’s also hanging out during this session. Sara needs to get in touch with her emotions, just like Jamie’s in tune with his “feminine side.” Cue the beginning of an insecurity attack from Jamie all episode. Sara does admit, however, that she’s quite shy, and if she had to show someone she liked them, she’d probably cook for them. Which is cute! See Sara, you can be cute! I’d eat your crumble! Wait, that sounded strange.

Afterwards, Sara returns to her house to find this.


The next day at work, Sara asks Daniel if he thinks she’s repressed. Without batting an eyelash, he replies that she’s the most repressed person he’s ever met. This quote follows: “You’re repressed, pent up, awkward, weird, neurotic, and you annoy the hell out of me. Why?” Friends, amIright?

She shakes her head and walks into an exam room, where — there she is! — Eve’s face is waiting for her, shiny and smiling and perfect as ever.

It appears they have run her dog through every possible procedure they could think of, which leads them to a crossroads, a hump they have to jump over to progress from vet office flirting to an actual relationship. Eve is clearly ready to take that leap, and stands up, taking Sara’s hand.

Sara clearly takes this as a clue to blush and stutter something about needing to tend to a nervous gerbil, and runs away. Eve sighs. As do we all.

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