He Said/We Said: September

Steal Yer Girlfriend

Name: Niki Cutler (AKA NC Tricky).

Occupation: Owner, DITC Clothing Company (www.dict.net)

Outfit: Light blue motorcycle jacket by Onext. Black and white button down by American Apparel. Black cut-off shorts by Dickies. Fedora by New York & Company. Purple and silver striped tie from H&M. Cabernet Supra Cuttler high-tops by Supra.

Song That Best Describes NC Tricky’s Look: “Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor.

My Mother’s Son at Dim Sum

Name: Kit Yan

Age: 26

Occupation: Slam Poet (www.kityanpoet.com)

Outfit: Jacket from Pearl River. Shirt by John Varvatos. Shorts from Club Monaco. Hat by Tracy Tooker. Vintage tie. Belt from Banana Republic.

Song That Best Describes Kit’s Look: “Big Kid Table” by Thao Nguyen.

Dapper Punk

Name: Lauren Gulbrandsen (AKA Lauren Control)

Age: 26

Occupation: Sex Educator at Babeland/ Musician in Aggie Doone/DJ Polar Sounds

Outfit: Hoodie from American Apparel. Shirt from Salvation Army in Bed-Stuy. Cut-off jeans (cut by Lauren) from the Gap. Hat from Italy. Tie from Goodwill Thrift in Ann Arbor, MI. Vintage bottle opener necklace from Brooklyn Flea. Shoes from Payless.

Song That Best Describes Lauren’s Look: “Hott Date” by the Gossip.

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