HBO’s “Mildred Pierce” returns to its literary roots


Wally Burgan (James LeGros), who is enjoying Mildred’s cooking and bed, thinks he can find the financing to help get things started. Here’s a look at Part 2.


Without revealing the huge spoiler I’d have to drop to explain, I encourage you not to give up in despair after Part 2. The tragedy that ends the episode is pivotal, but Part 3 doesn’t dwell on it. In fact, the third episode is downright happy. Mildred’s chicken-and-pie place is a hit and two of the series’ other strong supporting characters, Melissa Leo as Lucy and Mare Winningham as Ida provide the encouragement and help to make the most of the restaurant’s success.

For Parts 4 and 5, Wood arrives on the scene as an older, if not exactly more mature, Veda. Wood picks up right where Turner left off; surely, the two actresses worked together to achieve such a seamless transition.

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