“Hannibal” recap (2.11): Ko No Mono

Will and Hannibal have a conversation about God and praying. Hannibal doesn’t pray, but Will prays that he will see Abigail again. Hannibal is like, “Honey, some teacups just can’t be unbroken.”

In Hannibal’s office, Mason talks (shocker) about his poppa again. Dear old dad would stab his prized pigs for fun. What a guy, old Poppa Verger. Mason admits he knows of Margot’s plans and doesn’t underestimate her resourcefulness. However, he’s got a few tricks up his sleeve as well. After he leaves, Alana comes over. She tells Hannibal that she doesn’t believe Will, and he encourages her not to give up on him. He kisses her hand and smells the gunpowder on it. Then inexplicably, she and Hannibal have a little boozy make out session.


Sensing she’s in danger, Margot packs a few bags and takes off down a dark road in the middle of the night. Her instincts were right because before she knows it, Mason’s right hand man plows his car into her driver’s side door, leaving her bloody and helpless. When she comes to, she is lying on an operating table. Mason, dressed in blood red scrubs, explains her fate. She’s going to be sterilized, so the thought of having a child will never once again enter her pretty little head. She can’t speak, but tears roll down her face as an army of red surrounds her.


Alana goes to see Jack, because her world is starting to feel more upside down as the days go by. She fears that Jack is clueless to what is happening around him, that Hannibal is not who he seems, and worst of all, that Will is indeed a killer. Jack listens to her concerns, and asks her to follow him. He then presents to her, the very much alive, Freddie Lounds.


Will and Hannibal are called to the bedside of the unconscious Margot. Struck by the fact that the child he though was his, is no longer, Will walks away and heads straight for the Verger stable. There he punches Mason straight in the nose, and dangles him about his pen of man eating pigs.


As Will holds Mason aloft, he tells him that the baby was not Margot’s idea, nor was the horrific means that Mason went to eliminate his heir. The ideas were all planted there by Hannibal. You’ve been played, asshole. After pulling Mason back over, Will puts a gun to Mason’s head. He doesn’t take the shot, because he knows that is what has been Hannibal’s plan all along.  Advantage, Graham.

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