“Hand aufs Herz” recap: Under the Covers

After an altercation with Ronnie, Emma tells Jenny that she needs a bodyguard — Jenny literally goes, “You’re cute” — but it turns out that Emma is the one who needs the bodyguard. After coming out, she gets attacked by a gang of thugs, who email the video of the attack to Jenny. (Dumb move, thugs! Have you met Jenny Hartmann? She’s going to burn you all to the ground and do pizza ballet on your graves!)

Emma is really shaken up by the attack. She won’t let Jenny touch her anymore in public, because she’s afraid both of them will get attacked. Of course she doesn’t explain that to Jenny, so Jenny’s just left wondering why Emma keeps flinching every time she tries to kiss her or hug her or do that thing she does where she pushes her hair out of her face and caresses her cheek. (These two, the way they touch each other’s faces. Siiiiigh.)

Jenny comes to SAAL1 to escort Emma home from work like her own personal bodyguard. She suggests they go out to the club, but Emma would rather go home and cuddle up on the couch in private and watch TV. (Me and you both, Ems.) Finally, Jenny gets Emma to sit still long enough to explain to her that she needs to report the attack. Because she’s THE BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD, Jenny says she’ll even pretend it happened to her so that Emma doesn’t have to talk to the cops. (Also maybe she’s trying to keep Emma from going off like a firecracker that way she does when she gets worked up.)

After all the stress, Jenny and Emma finally get some alone time in the STAG rehearsal room.

Hilariously, Bodo busts up their makeout session again, and I kind of thought/wished Jenny was going to maim him and bury his dead body under the piano. Look how testy her face is. 

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