“Hand aufs Herz” recap: Under the Covers

Oh ho, but Emma has something else in mind! Well, no. She has Jenny on her mind. Like always. As they perform “Lovefool,” every lyric wraps Emma up in a flashback of kissing Jenny or holding Jenny or stalking Jenny across the cafeteria like some kind of jackal, and maybe Emma is hypnotized because the giraffe jeggings have made a comeback, or maybe it’s how Jenny is crooning “Love me, love me, say that you love me” over and over, or maybe “Lovefool” makes her think about how Jane Austen says we are all fools in love. Whatever the cocktail of memory and emotion, when the song is over, Emma pulls Jenny to her and kisses her right in front of the whole entire school.

Jenny doesn’t flinch, doesn’t hesitate for even a second. She just weaves her magic around Emma in such a way that it takes Emma several long moments to remember that they’re in public. She’s finally pulls away dazed, all, “Oh, er, is anyone looking at us?” And Jenny’s like, “Um, yes. Everyone is looking at us. Because WE ARE AWESOME.”

And everyone is looking at them. Caro is like, “Good Lord, what next? A clown riding a pony through a ring of fire across a tightrope?” And the dudes in the crowd are like, “More kissing! More kissing! More kissing!” And the teachers are all, “Awww.” And every lesbian on earth is hitting rewind for like the 700th time.

This is my favorite Jemma scene coming up. The way Kasia lets herself go, just lets her whole face tell a perfect story. This show might be in German, but no one needs a translator for this:

Emma apologizes for not asking first if she could kiss Jenny in front of everyone, and so Jenny reaches over and kisses her, all, “Oh, I’m sorry; did I need permission?” I love when Emma calms down long enough to use her words. She says that being with Jenny is like being caught up in a giant wave, that she’s powerless to fight her feelings and all the things her feelings compel her to do. Jenny mocks indignation about being compared to a natural disaster, but she gets it. She’s caught up in it too.

And did you guys know Love Waves are a real thing? For serious. In the early 1900s, a guy named A.E.H. Love wrote a book about geodynamics, and in it, he explained about the kind of waves that cause earthquakes.

Love waves are seismic surface waves in which particles move with a side-to-side motion perpendicular to the main propagation of the earthquake. The amplitude of this increases depth. Love waves cause the rocks they pass through to change in shape.

Going against the grain. Deeper depth. A change in shape. That’s all Emma is saying, really.

Jenny is like, “I don’t care what metaphor you use to describe how we’re together; I just want to be together.”

Almost everyone at school is happy for them. Everyone except the 12-year-old boy who got his hands on some markers and decided to draw a mural on Emma’s locker of some naked stick figure ladies holding hands. Jenny says they’ll cover it up with a photo of them. I’d just leave it. It’s pretty awesome. 

Ben drops Emma off at work the next day, and gets lovely about how proud he is of her for coming out. He’s all about how love is love, no matter what shape it’s in, and Emma is trying really hard not to let her pride show on her face. ‘Cause she’s proud of herself too.

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