“Hand aufs Herz” recap: Talking About a Revolution


Back in the common room, Emma returns to the magic blanket and starts explaining to Jenny about the political and social ramifications of saying you’re gay. Jenny laughs sweetly at her and says, “Have you been memorizing a coming out brochure or something?” Which: Once I realized I was gay, I ordered about 25 books from Amazon and read them all just to make sure I had when it took to be a lesbian. (Likes girls? Check. Likes sex with girls? Check. Likes rosy lips, hard nipples, bums, soft thighs, tits and fanny, you know? Check.) (Oh, if only Skins had been on the air when I was a teenager.) (Or if YouTube had been a thing and I could have tracked down Hand Aufs Herz!)

Here’s my favorite part so far. Emma is like, “Am I gay or am I bi or what?” And Jenny smiles and says, “You’re Emma.” It’s exactly what Hanna said to Emily on Pretty Little Liars: “You were Emily with Ben and now you’re Emily with Maya. We love Emily.” And it’s exactly what Nikki said to Helen on Bad Girls: “You’re not abnormal, you’re not normal. You’re just you. You do what you want, what you feel.” That’s good stuff ‘cause that’s true stuff, and I love it, love it, love it when TV says it out loud. It doesn’t matter who you love; you’re you

Jenny and Emma kiss some more when they’re preparing the signs for hanging. And then they kiss some more in the chorus room — except this time, Timo walks in and catches them.

Emma pushes Jenny away and says, “How dare you!” trying to make it sound like Jenny was assaulting her. (Which: If you’re not into it, Emma, I’m happy to let Jenny “assault” me like that.) Jenny chases her down and says, “That was super uncool. We could be so good together. I won’t let you down. But you’ve gotta be a little bit brave.”

Emma isn’t feeling very brave at all. When she listened to Champman’s “Revolution,” all she heard was, “Don’t you know you better run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run.” And so she does.

There’s more to Jenny and Emma’s story; I’ve just got to wait until the subtitled clips are available so I can recap some more! In the meantime, I hope it will thrill you as much as it thrilled me to know that Creator/Writer-Producer Petra Bodenbach knows how much you love this couple, and, in fact, commented on the previous recap:

And to all who are afraid that this love story will come to an end soon – don´t be. There is so much more for Jenny and Emma to come: new enemies will arrive, secrets will be revealed, and some breathtaking new experiences will be made. So relax and enjoy the ride…it´s worth it!

This whole fandom is a breathtaking new experience. By the way, I keep seeing people around the Internet abbreviating Hand Aufs Herz like “HAH.” You know who else’s initials are HAH? Heather Anne Hogan. Coincidence — or destiny?

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