“Hand aufs Herz” recap: London Calling

Parenthetically, this is the first Hand aufs Herz photo I ever saw and honest-to-God, my best friend was looking over my shoulder when I opened the browser and she goes, “Who’s that little lesbian dressed just like you?”

Emma chases Jenny to the train station, and in the most amazing display of Emma-ness we’ve ever seen, she just starts flailing around and running up to random travelers and shouting, “HAVE YOU SEEN THE LOVE OF MY LIFE BOARDING A TRAIN TO LONDON?!”

She finally finds Jenny on a platform and just launches herself onto her, talking a zillion miles a minute about, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Not just for kissing Luzi, but for pushing you away in front of Timo, and for never being able to make up my mind, and for that time I accidentally wrote your paper about the wrong Martin Luther and that other time we found a dead body on the volleyball court and for stalking you like some kind of lion when you were dressed like a giraffe, but see the thing is, Jenny, I am in love with you. Real, actual, heart-wrenching love, and I just want you so much in so many ways that my brain doesn’t even work anymore and please don’t go to London. Please stay here with me. Please. I’m saying I love you. I’m saying it out loud.”

The whole time, Jenny keeps trying to interrupt, but now that Emma’s finally letting the flame consume her, she can’t stop.

Finally Emma pauses for a milisecond and Jenny goes, “Emma! Breathe! Why would I go to London? My parents just came from London. You know, my mum and dad. The two people who have been standing behind you for the last 10 minutes.”

Emma turns around like the firing squad is after her again, but Jenny just wraps her arm around her and says, “Mum, Dad, this is Emma.”

And I love that because on one level: This person is Emma. But on another level: This earnest, neurotic, reluctantly courageous bundle of mesmerizing energy? This is Emma.

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