“Hand aufs Herz” recap: London Calling


But does she leave the party? No, she does not. She and Jenny pretend to talk to other people while glaring at each other with their best “You hurt me!” and “I want to make it up to you!” and “I wish so badly that we were making out right now!” and “I wish that too, let’s kick everyone out!” stares.

Luzi wanders into their line of PassionVision™ and Emma does the most insane thing she’s done yet: She grabs Luzi and kisses her.

Two amazing things happen: 1) Luzi wipes her mouth and her face is all, “Hmm. Not bad at all. Probably would have been better if it hadn’t been one of Emma’s bizarro retaliation schemes. But all-in-all, I’d say probably a seven.” (I love Luzi so much.) And 2) Jenny zooms across the room toward Emma, but the way it’s directed, she’s storming right into the camera. Lucy Scherer’s face is an absolute miracle.

Jenny is all, “Was that your birthday present to me? Why didn’t you just punch me in the face?” And she huffs off to eat a whole pizza and do some carpet ballet.

At school the next day, Luzi’s like, “Emma. Look. Thanks for the kiss and everything. You gave me a jump start on what will be an awesome four years at university. But Jenny Hartmann is the deepest, most desperate desire of your heart, so stop dicking around, OK? It’s exhausting.” Emma tries to apologize but Jenny’s not having it. She does a little passive-aggressive locker cleaning and when Emma overhears her on the phone later talking about, “Yeah, London is much cooler than Cologne. I’ll see you tomorrow” she deduces that Jenny is moving back to the Kissing Capitol of Europe.

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