“Hand aufs Herz” recap: Guten Tag, Lesbians!


Emma chats to her BFF Luzi about “Watching Jenny and Hotte kiss made me want to commit many murders; that must mean I am in love with Hotte.” Luzi goes, “You’re in love all right, but not with Hotte.” And so Emma stumbles around in a haze and ends up following her heterosexual heart back to Saal 1 where she saves Jenny’s ass and also gets her own job back. But she doesn’t know if she wants her job back because Jenny makes her feel weird feelings. First she’s warm, then she’s cold, then she’s a badass, then she’s kissing Hotte.

“What’s your problem with me?” Emma asks at school the next day. And Jenny just leans in and kisses the question right off her face. “That’s my problem with you,” she says.

And that’s the end. No more misunderstandings. Happily ever after.

Wrong! The angst and the sweetness are about to amp up to an unbearable degree. My heart is clenched up like a fist just thinking about it.

Check back Monday for the second part of the Hand aufs Herz recap. Until then, how in love with Jenny and Emma are you?

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