“Guiding Light” Stars Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia Dish on “Otalia”

AE: What have you
brought to your character that wasn’t in the script? (i.e. how have you chosen
to interpret or emphasize certain aspects of your character to bring her to
What I
have had to do is learn not to judge the character. It is easier when it’s a
film character where there is a beginning, middle and end because you can walk
away and say goodbye, but when you are playing a darker character, year after
year, you have to learn to forgive it, so you can come in the next day and play
it again.

And I have also added a sense of humor so that she is not
always sitting in a dark circle.

JL: Working
with Crystal
makes it a lot easier to flesh out the at-times "ambiguous"
relationship between Nat and Olivia. She knows what she’s doing, but more
importantly she’s fun and makes me laugh, and being comfortable with her makes
it easier to have an on screen relationship. Sometimes Nat and Olivia do things
subconsciously that makes them aware of something deeper between them and
hopefully the audience sees that.

AE: Which scene
between Olivia and Natalia so far is your favorite?
: I guess my
favorite scenes have been everything including the ‘My Two Mommies’
presentation…the fall-out of Emma’s essay where these two women have been forced
to explore specifically what their relationship is.

JL: I have
many favorites, but I always really like when Nat and Olivia are forced to
verbalize their feelings, after some misunderstanding.

Like when Olivia makes plans to move because she thinks
Natalia wants her space, and Natalia encourages her because she thinks she’s holding
Olivia back, and they pout for a while until Olivia says "I don’t want to
move!" and Natalia says "I
don’t want you move either!" and then they tear up and hug. Awwwwww….so

AE: What do you think
of your ‘shipper name "Otalia" and the fans your relationship has
attracted (i.e. the fan sites, fan videos, etc.)?
: I love the
shipper name Otalia. I love all the discussion on all the websites including
AfterEllen.com. I check them all out. It’s been exciting to see new fans come
aboard and hear from all these new fans and how much they love the story and
the relationship. I’m excited by their excitement.

JL: I think
it’s adorable. All of it’s great. So nice to know people care so much, and work
so hard to show their appreciation of the show and the stories…Truly
wonderful fans and people…

AE: What are you
looking forward to most regarding your storyline?
: I am
looking forward to seeing how this relationship plays out because it is very
real, very deep, connected and even passionate…all the things a good soap
relationship should be…or a relationship period.

JL: It’s
always a surprise for me when I read scripts, and I just look forward to how
the story goes in general. I’d like for Natalia to make some firm decisions on
what truly makes her happy and to go for it, whatever that may be.

Guiding Light airs weekdays on CBS with
full episodes available at CBS.com. Keep up on the latest developments in our Otalia forum thread.

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