“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.22 – “Unaccompanied Minor”


Cristina comes home and asks Owen to tell her how much he loves her. Owen obliges. Then Cristina drops the bombshell that she made an appointment to terminate her pregnancy.

Cristina: I’m sorry if this upsets you. I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted but I cannot talk about it anymore.  I need to lie down. I feel like crap.
Owen: This is a marriage. I tied my life to you. You don’t decide this without me. You see me standing here. You give in a marriage you make sacrifices. I’ve made many. I’m asking you to do something for me. Can you simply consider doing something for me?
Cristina: Have a baby? This isn’t pizza versus Thai.  You don’t give a little on a baby.
Owen: Cristina I am asking …
Cristina: I am saying no!
Owen (shaking his head): Get out!
Cristina: Because I’m denying you a baby?
Owen: Because you denied me part of the decision because you denied me a marriage.
Cristina: Oh, how dare you!
Owen: Get out!

As Bailey heads out of the hospital Eli says he wants to come home with her and meet her son.  Bailey stammers but eventually concedes.

Cristina shows up at Meredith’s house. Meredith races down the stairs thinking that it’s Derek at the door. Meredith tells Cristina that Derek left her and Cristina tells Meredith that she’s getting an abortion and Owen kicked her out. What if the soul mates (Meredith and Cristina) finally just get together and raise both of their babies? And if Cristina’s baby is a girl, then she can marry Zola! (I’m a futuristic lesbian yenta.) Studies show lesbian parents make the best parents.

It’s the end of a long night. Alex is at the bar alone doing shots.
Dr. Hottie show up and say, “Tell me not to go to Africa!”
Alex replies, “Go to hell!”

Hottie exits but instead of going to Hell she’s off to Heaven in ABC’s new Charlie’s Angels series, which premieres this fall! Women with guns, sign me up!

Meredith sits in the dark in her bedroom and rocks Zola.

Meredith calls Derek but once again he puts her to voicemail. As Meredith spends her first night with Zola, Derek lies on a sleeping bag at their unfinished dream house.

The moral of this episode is: Babies ruin everything! I’m just kidding. What did you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale? What did you think of this season of Grey’s Anatomy?

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