“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.22 – “Unaccompanied Minor”


Derek finds Meredith sitting alone and asks if she’s leaving the hospital. Meredith tells him that she hasn’t been fired yet. Derek says the fact that she tampered with Adele’s medication might change things for The Chief, but it doesn’t change anything for him.

Derek asks, “How is it that you don’t know the difference between right and wrong?” This coming from a man who cheated on his wife and made Meredith his mistresses (unbeknownst to her) in Season 1. Maybe Derek should quit medicine and become a politician. 

Meredith: Because I don’t think that things are simply right or wrong. Things are more complicated than that. This was more complicated than that. It’s complicated that it was Adele and Richard. It’s complicated that we have a drug in a box that could help her.
Derek: I don’t know how to raise a child with someone who doesn’t understand there is a right or wrong in the world.
Meredith: So now I’m going to be a bad mother. That’s where we’re going with this?
Derek: You’ve been saying it for weeks. Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re right.

Derek says he needs some space to think and leaves Meredith in tears. (And that’s why Cristina is her soul mate and Derek isn’t.)

Arizona wheels in the young female survivor from the plane crash. April whispers to Lexie that the lone survivor has arrived and the grieving parents overhear and all agree to stay and wait for her to get out of surgery.

Meredith sees Alex sitting down with the social worker who’s handling Zola’s adoption paperwork. Meredith tells Alex to back off and the social worker explains that she is granting her temporary custody of Zola. Alex was the doctor looking over Zola and he signs off on Zola’s release so Meredith can take her home today.

Alex gives Meredith some prescriptions for Zola and asks her if she has any questions. Meredith looks stunned and doesn’t answer him. Why does Meredith have to take Zola home right then and there? Isn’t there a layaway plan? And since Derek wanted Zola so badly, why don’t they page him to come get her?

Andrew finds Teddy and tells her that their flight has been changed to tomorrow, which gives her more time to chose between Henry and Andrew. Chose Andrew! Chose Andrew!

Meredith, the now single mother, calls Derek and leaves him a voicemail explaining that it’s very important that he call her back. 

The lone survivor’s mother finally shows up to the hospital and all the people that stayed for her update her on her daughter’s status and get her coffee. I love coffee! Cream, no sugar. 

Meredith meets with the pediatric nurse to sign off on all of Zola’s paperwork and gather baby supplies. (Meredith doesn’t even have a car seat or crib for Zola.)

Seriously, why can’t Zola just stay over night until she finds Derek? Or at least let her run out to Babies “R” Us to buy a few things!

The lone survivor makes it out of surgery and her mother thanks and hugs the other parents.

Teddy (who can’t take a hint) goes to see Henry and insists that he get out of his comfy hospital bed and stand up for her. Henry begrudgingly stands up and Teddy kisses him.

Teddy, “You’re my husband and I think I’m falling in love with you.” Then they kiss again. I don’t condone this relationship.

Mark sees Lexie at the vending machine and she tells him to stay away from her. (Apparently she doesn’t like sharing her Snickers.) Lexie says she loves Mark but she wants to be happy and that can’t happen with him. Mark explains to Lexie that he’s letting her go and then tells her to walk away. (No, caveman. You walk away!)

Avery congratulates April for becoming Chief Resident. April says she’s finally happy, but Avery reminds her that her new job requires her to boss around her peers and they aren’t going to like her. April says, “Oh, gosh, is that true?” Yes, April. Did you not know what the Chief Resident job entailed?

Meredith walks into her empty house with Zola strapped to her chest like a bank robber’s bomb.

Meredith walks from room to room and when she opens Alex’s door she sees that all his stuff is gone. Meredith tells Zola that she’s really glad she’s there with her. Then Meredith pops a bottle of champagne with Zola and makes a toast to their new lives together. Ok, that didn’t happen but I’ll bet Zola would enjoy a little champers in her sippy cup. She’ll need to start drinking to deal with her dysfunctional family.

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