“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.21 – “I Will Survive”


Mark and Derek talk baby talk, and Mark insists that Sofia and Zola will be great friends. Maybe they will grow up and get married. (Come on, gay marriage has to be legal in 30 years!) Mark reassures Derek that the adoption agency will chose them and not to worry. Seriously, if Mark Sloane can be a parent then anyone can.

Meredith sits down with the social worker and is immediately awkward. Meredith doesn’t know how to answer questions about her own mother and when the social worker asks Meredith to talk about Zola, Meredith goes into a medical spiel about Zola’s condition. Meredith backtracks, realizing she might not be saying the “right thing” and says Zola is very cute and sweet. Meredith gets flustered and says she doesn’t know anything about being a mom but she’s a fast learner and she’ll do whatever it takes to make it work. The social worker smiles at Meredith.

Cristina is in trouble and has to defend herself to Owen. Cristina has once again gone over Teddy’s head and Cristina explains that she took the initiative like a Chief Resident would. Owen quickly bursts Cristina’s bubble, “You’re not going to be the Chief Resident. I’m sorry.” Owen continues, “You are not built for this job.” (Dude, you’re never going to get sex now.) Cristina thanks Owen for his time and walks out.

Alex walks up to Hottie and tells her he’s not going to Africa and that she was right and he should have considered her feelings. Hottie stops Alex in the middle of his love rant and reveals that she took the job. Alex assumes she took the job in Texas, but she really took the job in Africa. Alex says, “My job? You took my job?” Hottie tells him, “You said it’s not personal. Sometimes you have to be a shark.” Holy crap, I didn’t see that coming, did you?

The night is over and Alex and Cristina are at the bar drinking. Alex orders a double whiskey and tells Cristina that Hottie is a bitch. April shows up and orders a scotch and tells Cristina that if they don’t follow the proper steps patients might die. Cristina just stares back at her.

Back at the hospital, Owen figures out that Avery dropped out of the Chief’s trial because of his famous medical family’s name. The Harper Avery Award is very prestigious and named after Avery’s grandfather. Avery fears that he won’t be fairly judged because of his heritage. Owen warns Avery, “Don’t let your name hold you back.”

Henry shows up (this guy spends a lot of time at the hospital) and tells Teddy that he got his job back and will therefore be able to get his own insurance. Teddy is excited to hear this because she’s decided to move to Germany with Andrew. Henry asks Teddy for a divorce. Teddy says, “Sure.”

Mark waits for Arizona and Callie to get off work and pass off Sofia. Lexie is standing at the second floor watching over them and Avery catches her staring at Mark. Avery tells Lexie that he’s out of the trial but he has Lexie, so what else does he need. A girlfriend who is not in love with someone else?

Meredith picks up Zola and tries being mommy-like while a drunk Cristina tells Alex that she thinks Meredith will be Chief Resident.

Then Owen shows up to apologize to Cristina, but an intoxicated Cristina has already forgiven him, gives him a big kiss, tells Owen that she’s going to take his advice and be an excellent surgeon (and excellent in the sack tonight).

As Owen and Cristina head out to get their freak on, Alex downs another shot and tells Owen, “Meredith messed with the Alzheimer’s trial.”  Uh oh!


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