“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.20 – “White Wedding”

At Calzona’s reception, April races around taking photos of the happy couple while the other residents talk about their chances for being the Chief Resident. 

A pissed off Cristina is annoyed that she’s not kicking everyone’s ass, so she storms off. The Chief approaches Cristina and says that he always thought Cristina would be the frontrunner for Chief Resident position but it could be anyone’s job. Cristina is worried that her medical future is slipping away, so she confronts Teddy and yells at her. (Yep, that’s going to make everything better.) Cristina tells Teddy that she knows that Teddy is threaten by Cristina’s talent and that Teddy’s fragile ego is getting in the way of Cristina’s chances for being Chief Resident.

Cristina sounds like one of those high school girls who says she has no female friends because she’s so pretty and all the other girls are jealous of her beauty. Guess what, Cristina, Those girls are friendless because they are boring bitches! Although, Cristina is not boring and I find her bitchiness to be quite entertaining and even charming. So forget my analogy.

Teddy tells Cristina that she still doesn’t get it and walks off to her date, Andrew, then downs a glass of champagne. Andrew tells Teddy that he has a proposition for her. He has taken a job in Germany and he wants her to go with him and start a life with him. This episode is full of surprises. As the wedding toasts begin, Katherine Heigl emerges from the cake and begs for her job back. OK, that didn’t happen, but if it did, it wouldn’t shock me.

It’s that time of the night where the father of the bride dances with his daughter. Arizona dances with The Colonel and Callie dances with Mark. Derek and Meredith stop back at the hospital to check on Zola and never make it to Calzona’s wedding. Hey Meredith, if you guys aren’t using your wedding tickets can I have them?

In the middle of the father daughter dance Callie’s father appears and asks Mark if he can cut in. Callie’s begins to tear up and her father explains that he’s been waiting to dance with Callie on her wedding day since she was a little girl and he didn’t want to miss that moment.

Other wedding guests fill the dance floor (which means they can’t follow basic instructions, since this is a “father-daughter” dance) and we see the wedding cake with the two brides on top. See how their dresses clash?

Congratulations to Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins! May you have a long and happy fictitious life together until one of you leaves the show or Shonda kills you off. Cheers!

What did you think of the Calzona wedding? And most importantly, did you like their wedding dresses?

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