“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.20 – “White Wedding”


Meredith and Derek look over the adoption paperwork, which they find overwhelming. I’m glad it’s overwhelming, adopting a baby is a big deal, what did you expect? (Angelina Jolie makes it look easy, but she’s an A-list and you’re just TV actors.)

Derek looks over the long list of “must-dos to adopt a sick orphan baby.” There is one thing that they can cross off on their adoption list that very day. Meredith looks at the list and realizes that Derek is referring to something she claims she doesn’t want to do, so Derek says they need to do it for the baby’s sake. Then the elevator doors open up on the Seattle Municipal courthouse and Derek and Meredith head in to get married. Does this mean their post-it note marriage is annulled?

Does anyone else find Derek and Meredith’s impromptu wedding to be a slap in the face to Callie and Arizona? No other characters were married on Cristina and Owen’s wedding day or on the day Callie eloped with George in Vegas. I miss George, and George would have hated Mark and he would have really hated that Mark and Callie had a baby together, but let’s face it, if George were Callie’s sperm donor, the baby would have been short and stout like a little tea pot. Now I’m thirsty for some green tea. What was I talking about?

Bailey, clad in purple, walks down a beautiful outdoor wedding aisle nervously wringing her hands because she’s performing Callie and Arizona’s wedding service. Minister Miranda Bailey, M.D. does have a nice ring to it. Arizona glides down the aisle in a strapless cream-colored sweetheart cut gown with a hippie headpiece escorted by The Colonel, who kisses his daughter on the cheek. 

Then Callie turns the corner wearing a stark white gown with sparkly off the shoulder sleeves that reach the middle of her forearm and her flowy wedding veil and her baby daddy, Mark, in tow.

Ladies, your dress colors are going to clash in the wedding photos! A gay man should have dressed these two.

Mark gives Callie away to Arizona. Does anyone else think that is weird and inappropriate? Just me? OK.

Cut to Meredith and Derek, who are simultaneously getting married, which we see in a montage of the two weddings. As Calzona has a magical and romantic wedding ceremony, Derek and Meredith’s have a sterile legal wedding ceremony. Derek and Meredith don’t even have rings so they are told they can skip that part of the ceremony, but then it cuts back to Arizona and Callie exchanging rings as Arizona tells Callie she loves her and I start to cry like a baby. Seriously, why can’t this couple be real? And why can’t they be my best friends? Arizona and Callie end their service with a beautiful and perfect kiss while Derek and Meredith finalize their union by signing paperwork.

I know whose wedding I’d rather have attended.

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