“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

Cristina reminds everyone in her usual artless way, that we’re biologically wired to like babies’ small features and oversized eyes so that we don’t want to eat them. This also explains the continuing popularity of the Olsen Twins.

As soon as the reality of bringing Sofia home hits Callie, she freaks out. It’s too soon! It’s too dangerous! Bailey gently tells her her freak out is not because she’s a car accident victim; it’s because she’s a parent now. The world is full of moving cars and rabid squirrels, teetering bookcases and germy germs. Life is scary! Don’t forget choking hazards, funny-smelling grandparents and aggressive hair bows. Yikes.

If anyone cares, clueless Teddy just dropped off some more leftovers at Henry’s and jumped back in a car, where Anne Heche’s husband Dr. Perkins, the psychiatrist who treated everyone after last year’s shooting, is waiting for her. Poor Henry.

Alex’s kids finally arrive from Africa. Or the nearest Benetton’s. Hard to tell.

Lastly and most importantly, Callie, Sofia, Arizona and Mark all go home to start life as a family.

Apparently, it really does take a village. Pray for that kid.

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