“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

What started out as a good way to get noticed has turned into a runaway train of promises and unpaid bills. Alex barrels forward anyway, knowing he’s going to stiff people, disappoint those who are counting on him, and dash the high expectations he’s promised but can’t deliver on. After Alex gets out of jail, he has a bright future as a television programmer.

Meanwhile, Meredith is knee-deep in her own shenanigans when Alex almost busts her switching medications to ensure that Adele gets the actual drug and not the placebo. Adele is the new Patient 122, whose mystery envelope contains the placebo. Meredith sneaks in and swaps envelope contents with Patient 123′s packet, which contains the drug. Patient 123 is going to be super pissed. If they remember to be pissed.

The only reason Meredith doesn’t get caught red-handed is because Lexie runs up to Alex at that very moment, and holds up a check from Gladys. The old bat came through, not only with the $100,000 she promised, but with an extra $100,000, just cuz.

In baby news: It’s been 12 weeks and Callie is ready to go home. Too bad someone has replaced her beakless chicken with the only baby I’ve ever seen who needed their eyebrows waxed.

Dr. Stark tells Callie, Mark and Arizona that since they’re all doctors (and crazy over-protective) he’ll let Sofia go home if she can sit in a car seat for an hour without distress. The test amounts to having several adults stare at a baby, who’s passed out in a car seat, happy as can be.

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