“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

Alex stands in the doorway and says he’s not coming any closer unless she gives him $100,000 for the surgeries. Lexie’s jaw drops to the floor. Alex is capable of a lot of stuff, but extorting money is a new low, even for him.

Gladys: Fifty.

Alex: One hundred.

Gladys: Seventy-five.

Alex: One hundred grand, final offer.

Gladys: You don’t know how to negotiate.

Alex: I’m not negotiating.

Gladys: Oh, don’t pretend to be smart, you crooked little bastard.

Alex: And don’t pretend you’re poor, you evil, old bitch.

Now he’s talking her lingo. She agrees, just so he’ll flip her ass over. I wonder if she’d buy me a horse if I rubbed her bunions?

Back at Henry’s place, Teddy has come by once again, this time with pasta and a story about her latest dating nightmare: the guy had a ponytail longer than hers, a fact he hid in his online profile.

Kids, if you’re going to use the online personals, do everyone a favor and don’t lie or use a picture that’s 10 years old. If you think your personality is so dang scintillating, it can overcome that kind of deception once you meet in person, think again.

Alex brags to Meredith that breaking the rules is awesome. But as the words are leaving his mouth, his pager goes off. He runs back to the Dragon Lady’s room but she’s dead. Damn it. There goes my Arabian.

While Alex is shaking dead Gladys, hoping some loose changes falls out of her pockets, Meredith runs into Adele in the lobby. She asks her how she’s holding up, but it’s soon clear that Adele thinks Mer is Ellis, her mother and the Chief’s old flame. Adele begs Meredith, “Give me back my husband.”
Honey, you can have him, but still. Awkward. Time to start shaving Mrs. Chief’s head.

The Chief thanks Meredith for getting Adele into the Alzheimer trial, saying “You’ve done everything you can.” Has she? Hmmm.

Alex doles out patient files from his African airlift to Cristina and company. Arizona stops by to say, “Good job, you!” and wanders off to play peek-a-boo with Sofia. Where’s she going? Considering she started the whole thing because she was worried about breaking a promise to sick kids, and being all about third-world medicine in the first place, Arizona is oddly blasé about the children’s imminent arrival. Eh. I got the same way when I hear The Real L Word was coming back.

Lexie soon finds out Alex’s secret: He doesn’t have the money to pay for any of it.

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