“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

Alex tells Dr. Stark about his Out of Africa plan and asks for a gajillion dollars to pay for the surgeries. Robert has absolutely no faith in Alex’s pitch and says plainly, “There are people who can do this sort of thing, but you’re not one of them.” Considering Alex lives in a trailer in Lot D, I have to agree.

Alex’s solution is to hit up Gladys for the money. She clearly has the dough and won’t live to spend it anyway, so why not? She calls him Sally Struthers (hee), barks at him to get out of her face and hacks up another piece of lung.

Derek agrees to let Adele come to his Alzheimer’s party, but Meredith would like to do more, like, say, give her the medicine and not the placebo. Derek reminds her that fooling with the blind study could ruin the trial, not to mention both their careers. Foreshadow much?

Elsewhere, Sofia needs a critical surgery. Arizona wants the best neonatal surgeon on earth, but they don’t have time to write a crossover episode with Addison Shepherd, so Robert steps in. Uncharacteristically considerate, he offers to let Arizona observe in the OR. Since she’s not related to Sofia – not technically anyway – it would not violate any hospital policy. Ya know, if you can’t have equal rights, there’s nothing wrong with exploiting the rules whenever you can.

Callie is pushing Cristina down the hall on a gurney as part of her own, homemade physical therapy program. Like a bus, she picks more passengers on her route. Alex asks for a lift over to radiology. I think I saw this on Biggest Loser once, but it was all uphill and Jillian Michaels was screaming her head off.

Arizona stops an out-of-breath Callie and tells her about Sofia’s emergency surgery. Just then, Callie grabs her gut and pulls her hand away to reveal blood in that  “I’ve been shot” kinda way. She’s sprung a leak and collapses in Arizona’s arms. See that? I knew working out was bad for you. That’s why I avoid it at all costs.

Now Callie and Sofia are both in surgery simultaneously. As Bailey and Cristina work to repair Callie’s rupture, Robert and April cut into some white meat to get at Sofia’s teeny, tiny heart valve. Worried family members, Arizona and Mark update each other on their cell phone from their respective OR’s.

Is that allowed? I thought you couldn’t use a cell phone in a hospital because it screws up the machines. Well, the important thing is everyone’s going to be all right, except maybe the lady in ICU whose monitor has just start beeping in Lady Gaga ringtones.

Meanwhile, Alex flashes pictures of adorable African children at Gladys, which only infuriates her more. But he gets a reversal of fortune when she insists that only he, and not that nitwit, Lexie, knows how to turn her.

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