“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”

Bailey is standing in the way, so Avery takes it upon himself to distract her with the hypnotic effects of his piercing blue eyes. Bailey’s tired and immune to his Vanessa Williams shtick, but it’s enough to get the Keystone Docs past her and into the baby viewing area.

Derek tells Meredith that Patient 122′s family lied about his heart condition to get him into the trial. Bastards! Those are some serious allegations. I certainly hope Derek has a white board and a conspiracy theory to back up that claim.

Meredith petitions for the Chief’s wife, Adele, to replace the dead guy in the trial but Derek reminds her Adele isn’t far enough along in her disease to qualify for surgery. Oh yeah? Have you seen this?

I still like “Kick me” better.

Five weeks later, Sofia is doing a little better, but Callie is growing more and more frustrated with her recovery. She’s chased off yet another physical therapist for not pushing her hard enough, and yells at Arizona that Sofia needs her.

Callie: You can hold the baby, Mark can hold the baby. I can’t hold my baby. Don’t tell me it’s OK!

Arizona: I’m sorry.

Callie: Then bring me those balls, please.

There’s a phrase Callie hasn’t uttered in a while. Isn’t that how she ended up with a baby in the first place?

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