“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.19 – “It’s a Long Way Back”


April comes flouncing into the room like she’s auditioning for a Garnier commercial and chirps that Sofia opened her eyes for the first time. Too bad you missed it. Callie starts to bawl and desperately tries to get out of bed, probably ripping some stitches in the process. Nice going, Pollyanna.

Derek is in the middle of a brain surgery for his Alzheimer’s study when Patient #122 suddenly has a massive heart attack and dies on the table. Derek halts the trials until he can figure out what happened and maybe check his malpractice coverage.

Later that night, Teddy cuts her date short to go to her paper husband, Henry’s house to take his pulse. His blood sugar is low, so she whips out a doggie bag of cannolis and regales the latest installment in her series, “Dating Stories from Hell.” First of all, the guy’s name was Irwin.

Have you ever dismissed someone because they had a messed up name? Don’t feel bad. Happens all the time. Anyone who names their kid Irwin, Long Dong or Blanket is obviously not thinking things through.

Alex wrestles a Marlboro and a lighter from Gladys’ wrinkled hands. Crabby as always, she wants to get sprung from this second-rate medical hovel, but her test results are getting worse, not better. She tells Alex he’s a worthless bastard and yells at him to get his stupid face out of her sight. I think I worked for Gladys once.

When Alex tells Owen that Gladys is being a bitch, Owen questions Alex’s take-charge abilities and his chances in the competition to be the new Chief Resident. Alex stammers he has an awesome plan that will showcase his initiative, thank you very much. As Lexie eavesdrops, Alex blurts out that he’s bringing a dozen sick African kids to America, and treating them right there at Seattle Grace Mercy West. It’s ambitious, expensive and improbable. And straight out of his ass.

Cristina hatches her own wacky plan to unite mother and chicken and enlists the help of the others. They descend on Callie’s room while she’s sleeping, and using a bunch of portable machines and stuff, they mobilize and roll her out the door and towards the NICU. No, Callie, you’re not having a nightmare.

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