“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.17 – “This is How We Do It”

Dr. Hottie talks to Meredith and tries to find out what Alex is really like. Hottie calls Alex a “Neanderthal” but Meredith explains that the Neanderthal thing is just an act and he’s actually been through a lot. Hottie gives a longing glance that says, “I can fix him.” No, sweetheart, you can’t! Everyone has to fix themselves.

Bailey tells the Chief that she thinks they should wait to operate on Claire until they get their FDA waiver. The Chief insists that Claire is getting worse and they can’t wait. Bailey is concerned that the Chief isn’t thinking straight and is just trying to prove a point to Shepherd.

Sonja is packing up and withdrawing herself from the trial because she found out that her son gave up his relationship because of her and she wants him to go back to London and be with his boyfriend, Gavin. Meredith and Derek insist that she stay and do the trial but her mind is made up. With someone off the Alzheimer’s trial, I guess there is room to add Adele’s name! Boy that worked out really fast too. At Seattle Grace, all problems are solved in three minutes or less.

During Henry’s surgery, Henry starts to code and Teddy starts screaming at Cristina to hurry up and figure out what’s wrong. Yeah, real that’s helpful advice. Henry pulls through and Teddy backs off and apologizes for acting like a “scared wife.”

Now that there is room for Adele to be a part of the Alzheimer’s trial, she refuses it. Adele doesn’t want Derek to drill into her brain. Can you blame her? The Chief begs Adele to at last take the test to see if she qualifies to be a part of the trial. Adele stubbornly agrees but reminds the Chief that she will pass the test and they will grow old together.

Mark and Arizona are cleaning up the baby shower. Mark hates Meredith’s abstract onesies design, asking “What the hell is this?” Arizona rummages through the trash to find the gift list that was accidentally discarded. A smiling Callie walks in and asks Mark to leave. Callie gives Arizona her own baby shower gift, which is a weekend away at a bed and breakfast. Callie says she knows how annoying she must be and the mini-vacation is an olive branch. Having a baby is Callie’s dream and she’s so excited that her dream is coming true. Arizona and Callie hug.

What, no kiss? Seriously, when’s the last time you saw Derek and Meredith hug it out?

Adele sits down with Meredith to take her Alzheimer’s test. After the results are tallied, Adele is one point above the criteria so she doesn’t qualify for the trial. Adele is happy but the Chief still wants her to be included on the trial. Adele cries and says she’s scared.

April finally tells Dr. Stark that she just likes him as a friend. Ouch! Stark says he understands and walks away like a wounded puppy dog.

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