“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.17 – “This is How We Do It”


Avery and Bailey have a diabetes patient named Claire who also has a tumor. Alex finds Dr. Stark and asks if he can work with him. Dr. Stark reminds Alex that he still doesn’t like him. Just then April walks in (I told you she’d be back) and Dr. Stark hands over all of his patients to her. Then Stark lets it slip that they have dinner plans for tonight. Alex overhears their date and slams April by saying she’s going to screw her way to the top. Alex is just jealous because Stark is practically the only one he hasn’t screwed at Seattle Grace. April tells Alex that she and Stark are “just friends.” Ouch!  Now I feel bad for Stark. Alex doesn’t believe April, and tells her “Yeah, right. Naked friends!”

Teddy walks in to check on Cristina’s new patient and sees her putting paddles on Henry’s chest, trying to revive him. Don’t worry, Teddy, Henry is fine. He had chest pains so he decided to go for a jog. Now I’m not a doctor, but it doesn’t seem like jogging is what one should do to cure chest pains. I would recommend listening to Coldplay’s Parachutes while burning an Ocean Blossom Yankee Candle. Relaxes me every time.

It’s time to prepare for the Calzona baby shower! Meredith and Cristina are moving the tables around while Mark and Arizona bicker about the importance of having a scrapbook station. Mark wants to decorate onesies with glittery pens and Arizona thinks it’s all too much. Callie enters and says yes, of course she wants a scrapbook station and they should get glitter pens too! Mark smiles at Arizona and Arizona smiles back with daggers in her eyes. Mark 1, Arizona 0.

Meredith overhears Sonja’s son talking to his ex-boyfriend/boyfriend in London. Meredith reminds him that if his mother is going to be a part of the trial he will need him to be his mother’s permanent caregiver. He wouldn’t be able to travel or move to London. But he insists that he is committed to the Alzheimer’s trail and will stand by his mother especially since she stood by him when he came out and his father left them.

During a consultation with Claire, Elijah speaks out of turn and undermines Bailey. Bailey asks to speak to Elijah privately and they bicker over the best treatment plan for their diabetes patient. Bailey reminds Elijah of the pecking order at the hospital (doctor trumps nurse) but Elijah says it doesn’t matter when the welfare of the patient is at hand.  Bailey and Avery are trying to perform a surgery that’s isn’t FDA approved yet and must receive a waiver to legally do it. (An illegal surgery sounds kind of sexy to me!)

The Chief asks Teddy is she’s OK to work with Henry since they have a personal relationship. Teddy reminds the Chief that they just have a business relationship and she only married Henry to provide him with medical coverage. Teddy sets Henry up to get a scan, and a morphine-drugged Henry decides to profess his love to Teddy in front of Cristina and the Chief.  Henry tells her, “You’re my wife. You’re my hot wife.” Teddy looks to the Chief for help. (You’re the one who married him!)

The Chief scolds Teddy since her relationship with Henry is obviously not just professional, and just then Henry’s scan comes back. Teddy sees a large mass next to Henry’s heart and she needs to operate immediately. The Chief isn’t sure if Teddy to do surgery on Henry but Cristina says she can do it and the Chief agrees. Cristina will do the surgery and Teddy will monitor.

Meanwhile, the baby shower is rocking and Callie is sporting a tiara and having a blast.

Mark tries to console Arizona about not enjoying the baby shower. 

Arizona: Shut up! You’re not the Callie whisperer. And I’m not a monster for finding baby showers annoying. Every woman that has ever had a pregnant friend hates them. It’s like a wedding, the bridesmaids always want to strangle the bride. It’s practically a rule. The only one who’s not normal here is you for acting like you’re enjoying this.

Mark finds Lexie at the party and says he’s glad she came to the baby shower even though it’s awkward.  Lexie says it’s not awkward because she’s seeing someone else. Mark asks if he knows the guy Lexie is dating and Lexie walks away.  Alex sneaks into the baby shower and is stealing snacks. Dr. Hottie catches him shoving food into his lab coat and Alex says that Hottie is really just noticing him because she finds him charming. Hottie says no, she’s actually talking to him because he’s blocking the food tray. I really do not support this flirting or possible future relationship!

Dear. Shonda,
Please don’t hook Dr. Hottie up with Alex. Set her up with anyone else, please! Have her date Dr. Stark or April or resurrect George O’Malley but not Alex. Please don’t put her with ALEX!
Love, Bridget  

At the onesies station, Cristina, Meredith and Alex are debating if Dr. Stark is gay or not. April says, “He’s not gay, he doesn’t have herpes and I’m not using him to get cool surgeries.”  April yells, “I am not taking my pants off for Stark!” Everyone at the party turns around and looks at April. Mark sees Avery rush off with Lexie and now knows who her mystery man is. That was a very short-lived mystery. Mark wondered for about three minutes.

In another wing of the hospital (where people are actually working) Derek apologizes to the Chief but says he can’t pull someone off his trial waiting list in order to to push Adele ahead of the line. The Chief screams that Adele needs this, but Derek can’t do anything at this point. Claire’s condition is getting worst and without the surgery (that isn’t approved by the FDA) she will die. The Chief tells Bailey to book an OR and not wait for the FDA’s waiver. Bailey doesn’t think it’s a good idea but she does it anyway.

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