“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 14 – “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”


Callie and her caffeine withdrawal headache walk in to visit her daredevil patient, who insists on having his operation without anesthesia and videotaped by his friend. Callie barely touches his injured leg and the patient screams for bloody murder and asks his friend to turn the camera off. Dumbass.

Lexie is still livid about her father’s May-December romance, and Meredith tells Lexie to just give their father and his new relationship her blessing. Lexie reminds Meredith, “You hate him. Hate him with me.” Meredith tells Lexie to grow up and walks away.

Teddy and Arizona are operating on their little patient and his blood pressure is too low. They work feverishly and start some sort of the death clock. (They should have death clocks on relationships. And once the timer goes off it’s over.) The baby gets it’s blood pressure back up and Alex and Dr. Hottie (who are looking on upstairs in the gallery) high five themselves at the same time. Jinx!  Somebody owes somebody a coke. I prefer Cherry Coke Zero myself. Then they look at each other all awkwardly.

Dear Shonda Rhimes,

Please don’t let Dr. Hottie hook up with Alex. Let Alex keeps his STDs to himself this time.


p.s. And please make Dr. Hottie a lesbian.

The Chief interrupts Meredith (again) and tells her he needs her to sign off on her mother’s research so they can begin the diabetes trial. Meredith doesn’t want to do it, but the Chief says that this research might bring her and her mother closer together. (Someone page Lisa Williams!)

Callie and Owen are working on their daredevil patient and Callie is on top of him trying to get his leg back in place. Callie is screaming about her caffeine withdrawal and reveals to Owen and April that she’s pregnant.

Avery seduces Lexie with chocolate, which distracts her into spilling her guts about how upset she is about her father’s tatted up skanky girlfriend, how hurt she is that Mark is having a baby and how she fears that everyone is making life decisions and leaving her behind.

Meredith is back with her Alzheimer’s patients and making them recite those three words, truck, cabin … the patient can’t remember the last word and looks at her daughter and asks why are they are at the hospital. (You’re there to get your SAG card.)

Bailey coaches Dani about how to deal with Thatcher’s pain and then Lexie comes in the room and holds her father’s hand. Dani says she is good for Thatcher and he’s good for her. Lexie tries to be supportive but then notices a hooker tattoo on Dani’s arm. Come on who doesn’t have a tattoo of a streetwalker on their upper arm?

Owen scolds his daredevil patient about the stupidity of injuring himself in purusit of notoriety on the Internet. When did Owen get so preachy? In this economy, Owen should be happy these dumbasses are injuring themselves and keeping him in business.

Meredith returns the red folder to the Chief and reiterates that she wants to focus on the Alzheimer’s trial. She gives the Chief her blessing to continue her mother’s work without her.

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