“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 12 – “Start Me Up”


Nurse Elijah is trying to seduce Bailey by giving her dirty notes and enticing her to meet him in the on-call room. Elijah makes his move and plants a big kiss on Bailey in the middle of the hospital.

Go Bailey! I want next week’s episode to be called How Bailey Got her Groove Back.

Cristina finds her first-year outside sulking. She listens to him rant about how he’s not an idiot and he graduated at the top of his class but he’s just never seen a surgery like that up close before Cristina gives him a pep talk about the ins-and-outs of being a first-year.

Then the first-year reveals, “Now I feel like an ass. Just disregard my evaluation.”

Cristina: What evaluation?
First-year: We turned in evaluations on you guys.


Cristina: What did you say?
First-year: I might have used the word “heartless.” 

Cristina turns her back on first-year and heads back into the hospital. 

Teddy sits down with Henry after his surgery and Henry apologies for putting Teddy’s name down as his emergency contact. Henry reveals he has no family and no friends that he can call on which is why he put Teddy’s name down. She is the best friend he has. Teddy reaches out and holds Henry’s hand. With her other hand she swipes Henry’s fruit cup and mini-milk and shoves it into her lab coat.

Then the show cuts to a commercial break and comedian Erin Foley is hawking Natural Made vitamins.  If you recorded this episode go back to the :50 minute mark to laugh at her — I mean, be supportive of Erin’s saleswomanship.

As the attendings pack up for the day, The Chief comes in and announces everyone’s evaluations: Cristina “lacked patience and basic compassion,” April was “unwilling to delegate,” Avery “placed his own learning opportunities before my own” and Meredith (I call her Mer) “seemed to have a lot going on personally today.” Alex was the only one that actually taught his first-year anything and then the Chief declares, “The rest of you failed, big time!”

Arizona begs Mark to just to tell her what her worst flaws are so she can cop to them and then Callie will give her another chance. Mark says, “You bail. When things get hard, you bail.”

It’s been a long day at Seattle Grace and Avery and April are at home drinking beer and whining about their bad evaluations. Just then, Alex’s first-year hottie walks into the kitchen wearing nothing but a T-shirt. (Is anyone surprised that Alex slept with her? I’m not. I hope they used a condom — wait, it’s Alex. I hope they used three condoms and a large bag for his head.)

We are at the end of this episode and just like at the beginning of the show Meredith and Derek are once again moping because they haven’t made a baby yet. So the eager Derek hops on the Mer’s train and tries again. Practice does make perfect.

Back at the hospital Callie gets in the elevator to head out for the evening. Arizona races inside the elevator before the door closes and makes a speech:

I bail, OK? When things get hard I walk away. And maybe it’s because I grew up an Army brat and we moved every 18 months. Maybe I never learned to commit but I’m here now and I’m staying because I’m going to fight to make sure you know that I’m committed to this thing. I’m not perfect and neither are you. You want to talk about faults? How about not being able to forgive?  At some point you’re going to have to be able to forgive me and it may as well be now because I’m in love with you Calliope and you are in love with me.  And all I’m asking for is one more chance.

Callie: You want another chance?
Arizona: Yes, more than anything, I want another chance.
Callie: Today I found out that I’m pregnant with Mark’s baby. How about now?

To quote Stacie Ponder, “Holy crapping, crap!”

I KNEW IT!!! Arizona’s mouth drops as the elevator door once again opens and then closes on them.

That’s it for this week’s show.  So what have we learned, class? 

1. Meredith’s new name is “Mer.”
2. Alex is still a disgusting man-whore.
3. I’m obviously psychic so I need to go buy a lotto ticket immediately. 

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