“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 12 – “Start Me Up”


The Chief reviews Henry’s x-rays and see that he has to remove Henry’s adrenal gland and his kidney.  Does that mean in a few weeks Teddy going to give him her kidney? (I have to slow down and not get ahead of myself. I need to focus on just this episode. So as of now Callie is not pregnant and Teddy owns all her internal organs.)

Mark decides there is an alternative way to operate on his patient Sarah. He wants to use cadaver bones instead of pieces of Sarah’s skull. Mark sets up a demonstration to pitch the idea to Arizona but Arizona shuts him down immediately. She is going to do the surgery her way.  Mark quips at Arizona, “You’re a crappy listener!”

The Chief lectures Teddy about her inappropriate relationship with her patient Henry. Teddy snaps back, “You want to talk to me about inappropriate relationships? Everywhere I look in this hospital there are inappropriate relationships! Grey and Shepard, Hunt and Yang, the other Grey and Sloane!”

Then Elijah pipes in, “Dr. Bailey is dating a nurse.” Bailey gets embarrassed and says, “Ignore him.  We are not dating.” (That’s not what I heard.)

Arizona tracks down Callie and tells her she knows she’s not perfect and she’s ready to listen to whatever Callie has to say. Callie takes this opportunity to reiterate to Arizona, “Get your crap out of my apartment.”

Then Arizona hunts down Mark and asks him to tell her about the cadaver surgery again. Mark explains it’s experimental but it could be the best thing for Sarah since she’d like to have a more active lifestyle. Sarah is a tomboy (aka lesbian) and she wants to play sports. Sarah’s parents are concerned with the experimental surgery but Sarah pleads with them, “Let me be a dumb jock. Mom, dad, please?” (Whoever wrote that line should be fired immediately!)

In the OR, Cristina offers to show her first-year a closer look at Henry’s tumor. This first-year’s chest hair is mushrooming out of his shirt and that can’t be sanitary. The first-year leans in, sees the blood and faints. (Don’t feel bad Sasquatch. I fainted last year when I got a tetanus shot. I fell on the floor and another patient had to pick me up off the ground. Wait, where was my doctor when I fell?)

Callie finishes Brady’s surgery and comes out to talk to Wilson Cruz.

She explains to Wilson that his husband is in recovery and Wilson responds with a beautiful speech (most likely written by the HRC): 

This was supposed to be the best day of our lives. You think I’m silly, I know. The horses and the bagpipes, so does he. We don’t get marriage in Washington, we get domestic partnerships. We get to go to City Hall and stand in line and sign some papers. Mail it in if you’re even more romantic. So call me crazy but I just wanted the big day that everybody else gets.

And I fought for it. I organized rallies I stood in the cold outside the state house. I had some Neanderthal throw hot coffee on me. I fought for a wedding and waited and they still said “no.” So when we got tired of waiting Brady and I went to go sign the papers I wanted it to be special. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I wanted to feel like that. Not like some trip to the DMV. I wanted it to be special instead I nearly killed him.

Did anyone else tear up after Wilson’s speech?

The Chief calls Teddy into Henry’s surgery and tells her that he needs to remove Henry’s pancreas which means Henry might be a diabetic. Since Teddy is Henry’s “wife” and emergency contact person, the Chief asks her, “Do I have your permission to act as I see fit?  Teddy says, “yes” and shuffles out of the OR.

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