“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 12 – “Start Me Up”

The ambulance opens up and a groom is wheeled out on a stretcher. The groom (named Brady) was trampled by horses on his wedding day. He was marrying My So Called Life‘s Wilson Cruz.

Yippee, more gay couples! (Thanks Shonda!) Wilson wanted to surprise his Scottish husband with horses and bagpipes but the bagpipes spooked the horse and they ended up running Brady over as they exited the wedding. And that’s why I don’t play the bagpipes (anymore).

Do you think the horses were conservative and making a political statement?

Brady is wheeled inside and there is so much chaos that Callie screams for everyone to get out before she “takes someone out!” Seriously, don’t mess with Callie today.

The Chief, Teddy and Lexie walk down the hallway as the Chief berates Teddy for marrying her patient and committing insurance fraud. Lexie pipes in that according to the National Medical Anti-Fraud Association it’s not insurance fraud but it is frowned upon. (Lexie has really grown on me.) Teddy tells the Chief that’s it’s all said and done and, since Henry now has insurance, the Chief can save his life. The Chief storms off.

Emerging from the elevator, Arizona confides to Mark about her relationship troubles with Callie. (Like he doesn’t already know the whole story. The word “lesbro” was invented because of Mark “McSteamy” Sloan.)

Arizona says, “I mean, I get it she has a hang up about me being perfect —” (Umm, Arizona I’m pretty sure that’s not it.) Arizona goes on, “I mean everything comes easy for me and I don’t have any flaws and now that I’ve clearly made a mistake she’s just going to pound the crap out of it.”

Mark laughs at Arizona, “So you don’t think you’re perfect?”

“No. I have lots of flaws. I’m competitive; I’m a workaholic, I smoke when I’m stressed,” Arizona says. “It’s disgusting!”

Mark tells her, “I’m sure she’d love to hear all of this, along with any real flaws you come up with.”  Mark is turning into the Lesbian Whisperer.

Unsurprisingly, Alex is flirting with his first-year student while Arizona, Mark and April (with really red hair &mdsah; did she dye it the day they shot this episode?) tend to their patient, a young girl named Sarah, who was born without check bones. (That condition is Tyra Banks‘ worst nightmare!) Arizona tells Sarah and her parents that she is going to take pieces of Sarah’s skull and transplant them to her face.

That sounds like it’s going to hurt.

Teddy checks in on her hubby and gobbles down his hospital fruit cup. What is it with Teddy and the hospital food? It’s like her Kryptonite!

Mer’s first-year compliments Mer on McDreamy’s hotness while Cristina is very curt with her first-year med student (as she is with everyone in her life). The Chief stresses that Cristina needs to be empathetic towards the young doctors. Then the Chief reminds Cristina of the chief resident position, “Empathy is a good quality in a chief resident.”

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