Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 5.6 “Life During Wartime”

Also living in the after: Callie and Erica. Callie finds Erica writing a
letter of apology to Bailey, the Chief, Meredith, the girl’s ginormous family
and the makers of Anatomy Jane. Callie has some ‘splaining of her own to do.

Callie: I slept with Mark Sloan.
Erica: If that’s your idea of an
apology, you seriously…
Callie: Shut up. You were crying.
And seeing leaves. And I wasn’t. I may never see leaves. Or maybe I will see
leaves, but I will also see flowers.

Callie: There might be a whole
forest, but I do know that I want to be with you. And to do that, I have to at
least tell the truth. And the truth is, I slept with Mark Sloan today.
Erica: [after a long pause] OK.
Callie: Twice, actually.
Erica: [another pause] OK.

It’s a bumpy, windy road on the way to lesbian bliss. Thank goodness for
Erica’s patience and understanding. Someone has to keep their hand on the
wheel. Maybe one day, they can take turns driving.

The aftermath — The Chief summons
Meredith to him to make an apology of his own. Anatomy Jane reminds him of when
she was a kid, running around the hospital, eating Jell-O off of patients’
dinner trays, knocking over IV’s, and playing with syringes. Good times.

But she’s also "a living reminder of every failure in [his] life."
As a manager, the Chief has a strange concept of employee positive

Callie and Mark decide that even though there will be no more hanky, nor
panky, they can still hang out together and talk about chicks. Mark seems happy
to have a real friend. It’s tough being a himbo.

George (where has he been all day?) comes home to find Lexie has made the
best apology dinner ever: Mac n’ Cheese from the box. Not the freezer. Which is
just as well, because the freezer is full of pork loin and ham hocks.

She tells him she named a bunch of pigs today, but he doesn’t know what that
means. Lexie explains that she’s emotional and takes things personally, and
she’s sorry for being all stalkery and weird.

He smiles. All is forgiven because there’s nothing in this world that can’t
be made better by pasta and cheese sauce made from sodium tripolyphosphate,
sodium phosphate, and yellow dye #6.

Lastly, Alex goes to Izzie’s room. He’s ready to use his words like a big

Alex: I’m not good at this. I’m
not good at relationships and talking about stupid feelings. And you are. So
maybe you could teach me, or something, ya know? Teach me what I did wrong.
Izzie: [realizing] You don’t want us
to see other people. You don’t want us to see other people, and that’s how you
tried to tell me; by asking if it was cool if you screwed Michelle. [laughs]

And I thought only lesbians had to be mind readers. I don’t feel so alone

But wait, there’s more. Derek and Meredith find an enormous box full of her
mom’s journals, thus insuring many years of therapy to come for Meredith.

Next week — Newly out of her own
closet, Erica discovers a skeleton in Izzie’s. Derek turns to Bailey when
Cristina seems more like Meredith’s boyfriend than he is. The Chief hones his
kooky management style by pitting the doctors against each other.


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