Grey’s Anatomy Recap: 5.6 “Life During Wartime”


My year of meats — In the OR, Team
Tumor attempts the risky procedure, inspired by a Barbie doll, of removing all
the girl’s organs, but it’s not going as planned. Bailey and Grey do a little
brainstorming, but Hahn shoots down every single suggestion because if her revelation
is going to suck, then everyone else’s will, too.

Cristina is downstairs saving the swine and further removing her interns’
humanity. Lexie and the others have named their patients Wilbur, Babe and
Reggie, Patty, Oscar and Meyer, or something like that. Yang is not amused. She
doesn’t do amused. Her interns aren’t allowed to have names, why should the

"I don’t want to hear ‘Wilbur, Babe.’ You want to call them something,
call them sausage, or prosciutto," she suggests helpfully.

The pigs are in serious condition, and may be moments away from the Big Pig
Sty in the Sky. Yang gives in to the name game.

Cristina: Give me the status of
Reggie and Patty.
Intern 4.2: Reggie’s fine. Patty’s
pulse-ox is low, but stable.
Cristina: And Babe?
Intern 4: Holding steady. I thought
we weren’t supposed to give them names.
Cristina: I could give them numbers,
but then I’d probably tell you to 3 needs antibiotics and find you shoving a
needle in Grey’s ass.

Hee. The show is not complete until we get at least one snarky bon mot out of Yang. And since when does
anyone need a reason to shove a needle in Grey’s ass?

Goin’ back to Callie — While
everyone else is up to their elbows in blood and guts — Cristina and her
prosciutto, Bailey and Team Tumor, and even Izzie, who gets into a friendly
debate over animal cruelty with Owen — Callie is still trying to figure out if
she wants hot dogs or doughnuts for lunch.

She and Mark have sex yet again. That’s three times in one day for Dr. Torres.
I guess she still finds sexuality a mystery. Also a mystery: How she manages to
keep her job when she spends most of her day naked.

Mark doesn’t understand why Callie’s not happy after making it to "the
big finish" and instead, just lies there, staring into space.

Callie: Erica cried this morning.
In bed. After sex.
Mark: That was a compliment for you.
That was a compliment.
Callie: It wasn’t a compliment for
me. She was having a revelation. She was having… the sex is awesome with Erica.
We’ve reached awesome. Which is…
Mark: Awesome?
Callie: Yes but, it’s also awesome
with you.
Mark: So what’s the problem?
Callie: Guess I thought there should
be a difference. Between you and Erica. If I’m… there should be a difference.
Mark: The difference between me and
Erica is that I know you had sex with her 12 hours ago. She doesn’t know you
had sex with me…

Callie may not know which team she plays for yet, but some things are
universal: Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat. That, and there’s no
crying in baseball. Unless of course, you’re Erica Hahn.

The before and after — After
Bailey pulls a miracle out of her ass and saves tumor girl, there are
high-fives all around except for Erica, who was nasty, contrary and negative
throughout the procedure. Bailey calls Hahn out on it, labels her a pain in the
ass, and gives Anatomy Jane more credit than Dr. Feel Bad.

Hahn, who can intimidate everyone from pediatrics to the morgue, just stands
there taking it because she knows she deserves it. That and nobody messes with
an angry black lady.

Owen finally comes back from the ER trauma and gets a sunny update from
Cristina.  It was touch-and-go, but she
and the interns saved the farm. Owen is impressed. And then he instructs Yang to
put all the pigs down. Yang shoots him the stink eye and imagines putting him down instead. Owen. The other white

Cristina storms out to get PETA’s number from Izzie, but doesn’t get very
far. In the hallway, Owen explains why he’s being such a callous jerk: Everyone
in his unit was killed in Iraq, except for him. He was discharged and sent
home. And now, things don’t feel the same.

Owen: I’m not there anymore, in
the before. I knew your name in the before. 
And now, I’m living in the after.

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