“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.9): Jury’s Out


Present Day

Still on the stand, Callie denies being distracted, that she always focuses on her patients. Arizona watches her from the gallery, knowing that it’s not always possible to separate your heart from your head no matter how good of a doctor you are. When her lawyer asks why she didn’t focus on Travis’s heart instead of his hip, she compares it to a grease fire. You have to pick the biggest disaster to put out first.

Flashback: Three Months Earlier

Callie and Arizona are fighting about the miscarriage. Emotions are running high, and Arizona tells Callie that she simply can’t handle another loss. After all they’ve been through, the thought of one more tragedy is too much for Arizona to take. When Callie asks if that means she doesn’t want to try again, Arizona says she doesn’t know. Man, this really puts a lot of things into perspective. Before anyone gets upset, it’s not a justification for cheating, but it certainly does shine a light on Arizona’s inner turmoil. How much tragedy can one person handle? What happens when you hold it all in, and the dam finally breaks? Since Arizona’s dam broke and she’s been patching it up with wads of bubblegum, strips of duct tape, and sex. What the fuck do you do when you can’t figure out how to piece yourself together again? How do you move on?


Afterward, Callie, her own grief surging, finds Travis screaming at his girlfriend. Callie tells her to go spend some time in the lounge. Travis doesn’t want to see her, but she gives it to him straight. She tells him not to take it out on his girlfriend. If he wants to take it out on someone, then she can handle it. She cries and wishes she could magically change what happened to him. She does tell him that she’s sorry, which takes us back to…

Present day

Callie admits to the jury that she apologized but counters that it doesn’t make her negligent, just human. That’s something she’s not about to apologize for.

Meredith and little Bailey accompany Callie back home, where she comes across a letter that had fallen behind a bookcase. It’s from the Peterson people, letting her know they have halted their trials due to numerous infections. The color drains from Callie’s face when she realizes it’s postmarked from before Travis’s surgery. Meredith advises Callie not to show the letter to anyone, knowing that even if it swayed a jury, it could end her career. She warns Callie not to confuse emotion with fact. (Oh Meredith, you are so wise.) Callie’s phone rings; the verdict is in. When she returns to court, all is quiet. The verdict is read and behind Callie, her friends, jump up and cheer. It doesn’t sink in at first, but she’s been found innocent of any negligence.

Back at home, Callie’s dad continues to try and convince her to forgive Arizona. In a moment that shocks her, he admits to cheating on her mother before Callie was even born. Even though she’s angry at him, he goes on to explain that her mother found it in her to forgive him, knowing that their love was stronger than one stupid mistake.


So much had been explained in this episode in terms of Callie and Arizona’s story. Yes, they had found happiness again. Life was going to be OK. Then tragedy stuck and all those scary, bitter feelings roared back for Arizona. She was flailing, and Callie couldn’t see it. Didn’t want to see it. For her part, Arizona did a pretty damn good job at hiding it. So much love lost over miscommunication and grief. Callie decides to take her father’s advice, and finds herself in front of Arizona’s hotel room door. Arizona answers, surprised to find her wife standing there with an open heart.


Callie tells Arizona that she knows she made mistake, but in spite of that, she wants Arizona to come back home. Callie asks her to think about it, then walks away. Arizona closes the door behind her, a million emotions churning inside. She lays herself down on the bed and sighs heavily. She dismissively tells a naked and utterly shaken Leah, to put on her clothes and leave. Just like that.


Even after watching the scene a few times, I’m blown away by the callousness of her words. It’s shockingly cruel. I know that many fans don’t like Leah, but she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way. It speaks volumes about Arizona’s emotional headspace. Is she really someone that Callie can count on anymore? Does Arizona even want to go back home? So many questions, so much to sort though. This drama is far from over, and in the coming weeks, we will most certainly see what all these women—Callie, Arizona and Leah—are made of.

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