“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.9): Jury’s Out


Later at the hospital, the doctors meet up with Travis. He picks Cristina up and gives her a friendly dose of flirting before being introduced to Callie. In the consult room, Travis’s agent shows Callie a video of him competing, and he tells her about this new type of replacement called the Peterson Hip. Callie has never performed the surgery before, and is hesitant to agree. He gives her a speech about not being scared of firsts, of being daring. She agrees to research it. If there is one way to sway Callie, it’s to appeal to her hubris.


Present Day

Callie is meeting with her and the hospital’s lawyers. They want her to settle the malpractice suit, but she refuses to admit to any negligence. She asserts that she did not make a mistake with Travis’s surgery and won’t settle because he suffered from a post-op infection. Her lawyer tells her to wear a suit with a skirt to trial the next day, and of course, pantyhose. He notices she’s not wearing her wedding ring and tell her to put it back on because the jury might look on that favorably.

The next day at Callie’s apartment, Arizona shows up to pick up Sofia. Arizona is tentative, but offers to take care of Sofia in case Callie wants to be alone later. Callie is in the middle of getting dressed, in her robe with curlers in her hair. She even looks fucking stunning that way. Arizona seems to agree, and does her best to hide her still lingering desire for Callie as she slips the pantyhose over her thigh. She also notices that Callie is wearing her ring.


In the elevator with her lawyer, Callie nervously plays with her ring. When the doors open, Callie is surrounded by reporters trying to get a comment about the trial. Owen sweeps in and whisks her away from the vultures.  Callie takes her seat in the courtroom, and behind her are her colleagues, friends and of course, Arizona. Callie’s scared out of her gourd, and notices a very inconvenient run in her pantyhose. The murmuring crowd is hushed as Travis appears in the courtroom, wheelchair bound. Right then, Callie thinks she’s screwed.

Travis’s lawyer really lays it on thick in his opening statements, doing his best to charm the jury. He tells the jury that Callie was performing a surgery she didn’t understand, and her carelessness cost Travis his legs.


Flashback: Four Months Earlier

Callie, Jo and the OR team are working on Travis as he begins to go into distress on the table. Callie decides to close him up early, but the nurse counting the sponges informs Callie that one is missing. Any extra time that Travis stays in this state could cost him, so Callie makes the decision to close even with the sponge in the joint. The nurse and Jo are hesitant, but ultimately follow her orders.

Present Day

Jo is on the stand, and trying her best to tell the truth without throwing Callie under the bus. (Sorry, George, bad expression.) The prosecutor tries to trip her up, and Jo’s testimony isn’t helping Callie much. She admits that Travis came to them with a post-op infection, but it’s not typical that they result in double amputations.

Flashback: Three Months Earlier (Guestimating this time shift)

Travis comes back in, looking worse for wear. Callie and Jo check his vitals and notice a heart murmur. When checking the incision site, they discover that it’s completely infected and needs immediate surgery. Outside of the room, Callie and Jo discuss the infection, and how they need to clean the joint. The murmur is worrisome and they decide to eventually get Cristina involved since it’s her Mona Lisa after all. Once they get Travis on the table, the damage is worse than they feared. Callie announces that the joint can’t be salvaged.


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