“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.8): Fork You


At Matthew’s apartment, he’s busy getting it virginity-losing ready when April knocks. Instead of taking his cherry, she takes his hand instead. She explains that she lost herself the year prior, and that her loss of commitment to her faith matters. She regrets it, and she doesn’t want Matthew to do the same. She knows what it feels like to break a promise, and they agree to wait until their wedding night. Then they make out, and perhaps go to second base.


Arizona is in her hotel bathroom, when Leah opens the shower door behind her and invites her in. It’s the ultimate punch to the feels, because it brings back memories of the time that Lexi walked in on Callie and Arizona, rub a dub dubbing. Arizona says she’s coming, and takes a long hard look at her own reflection. She touches her necklace. The necklace. You know, the one that matches Callie’s. The necklace that symbolizes their commitment and connection to one another?  She reaches around and takes it off, placing it gently on the bathroom counter, then slips off her robe and joins Leah in the shower. Her necklace, her ring, the fact that she and Callie aren’t divorced. Arizona has been holding onto these things as a way to hold on to her marriage. In finally taking off the necklace, Arizona realizes that maybe it’s time to let go.


Ben and Bailey sit down together in Tuck’s room. Bailey did find the source of the smell, (rotten apple slices) but Ben knows it’s not about that. He went and changed their life plan without even telling his wife, and Bailey is not handling it well. He’s noticed the rituals and repetitive gestures, and suggests that perhaps she needs some help.  Bailey being Bailey doesn’t admit defeat easily, and swears that all will be fine.

At the end of the day, Meredith finally sees Derek and he gives her the husbandly boost she needs. He tells her about Harvey, and Meredith decides she’s going to miss his twitching. He encourages her to go and check on the progress of her project, which she does with a big smile. That smile soon vanishes when she walks in to find her half printed liver cast to the side, and Team Shark, printing their own conduit.


Back at Bailey’s, she finds herself finally alone and the harsh reality of her situation is apparent, as Bailey obsessively counts and mumbles to herself.


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