“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.8): Fork You


Emma’s exhausting interview is finally finishes and she talks it over with Arizona. Emma assumes that Arizona and Callie were divorced, but Arizona is quick to correct her. When Emma asks, “You are seeing other people though?”, it dawns on Arizona that perhaps she’s not the only one who has moved on to someone new. Even when you are the heartbreaker, your own heart is never prepared for the thought that the one you love is moving on. Arizona tries to hide her sadness when Emma continues, explaining that the questions in her interview were more intimate than a rectal exam. Arizona understands, because she knows too well that Sloan Grey wraps itself around you and squeezes out all your secret emotions. The hospital motto is, “Feels, go fuck yourself.”


Bailey for the time being, seems to have come down from her panic attack, and shows Jo how to close up the patient. They do a test to make sure the incision is secure, but even after the affirmative results, Bailey orders another. Ben goes along with it, and performs a bubble test. Even though there is no evidence of bubbles, Bailey swears she sees one. She goes back in to check her work.

After performing the successful surgery on Harvey the Twitch guy, Jackson tells Leah to go ahead and have at a few patients. She’s very excited and promises not to let him down. So far, what we’ve learned about Leah is there are two things she’s passionate about: Arizona Robbins and performing procedures.

April checks on Richard who is back in bed, exhausted but also exhilarated by the day’s events. He finally feels like his old self. He admits that he lost himself for a while, but is finding his way back. His confession strikes a chord in April.


Alex and Meredith have been hard at work, removing the tumors from their teenage patient. A large tumor in the middle of the liver poses an challenge for the doctors. Meredith wants to go with the aggressive approach, but Alex is worried it will cause too much damage to the kid’s liver. When Stephanie pops by to show Meredith the printer progress, Meredith asks her to scrub in. Alex and Meredith continue to argue and Stephanie suggests the two-surgeon challenge rule that Richard had recently told her about. Both doctors challenge each other, and with Stephanie’s deciding vote, she sides with Alex. Meredith storms off, leaving Stephanie to wonder if she’s lost her chance to work on Mer’s research.

An excited Owen meets up with Emma on her way out, and she tells him there is no way she could work at Sloan Grey. He is loved there, and she’d always feel like an interloper. Plus if they ever broke up, she’d be frozen out. She’s already done that once and she’s not eager to do it again. Then they exchange some words about not breaking each other’s hearts, which is the Shondaland equivalent of standing in a field during an electrical storm, holding a metal pipe. Heart breaking, commence.


Will, the teenager is awake when Alex explains that the surgery was not a complete success. He’s going to spend more time in the hospital, so a guilt-ridden Alex promises to make his experience less PEDs like in the future. When Alex leaves, Meredith is waiting to pounce on him. They argue about the surgery and Meredith insists that she could have gotten the tumor. When Cristina butts in to ask to use the printer, all hell breaks lose. Meredith refuses, and when Cristina tries to say that the printer actually belongs to the hospital, Meredith tells her to submit a proposal. When Alex realizes that Meredith’s sudden need to prove herself and throw her weight around has everything to do with Cristina’s undermining, he lashes out and tells her that she was a lousy doctor that day.

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