“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.8): Fork You


The trouble with 3D printers is that they take a long ass time to print. Stephanie, Leah and Ross inspect the progress of the liver model and at the mo, it just looks like an amalgamous blob.

Back in inappropriate land, Callie is drilling Emma. It’s not nearly as sexy as it sounds. She asks Emma if she wants kids, which Emma is preeeeeetty sure you can’t legally ask someone in an interview. She does answer her however. Yes, she wants babies. Very likely, Owen-shaped babies. Owen bursts in to check on them and Callie gives him a thumbs up. Operation Break Emma’s Boundaries is a success. (Side note: Did anyone else think that there was some eye fucking going on between Callie and Emma? Just me?)

After reading about an experimental trail in Japan using 3D printers to make more viable conduits, Ross runs to Cristina with the news. She’s hesitant at first, but when he agrees to do the ground work, she says she will consider it.


Matthew stops by the hospital to deliver a patient and also talk to April. She tells him that she wants their wedding night to be amazing, and they exchange I love yous. Matthew, being a fairly level-headed chap, knows that because of this, God isn’t going to be too mad about a little pre-wedding boning.

In Bailey’s OR, she’s being very hard on Jo, who’s actually quite good at what she does. She yells at Jo not to accidentally cut the bowel, and in the process, accidentally cuts the¬†patient’s¬†bowel. It’s a mess and Bailey is flailing. Ben steps in like the good guy he is, and manages to talk her down.

Cristina finds her way into the 3D printing room, where Stephanie is standing guard over the printing valve. Cristina starts asking her questions about the process, and what would happen if it were, let’s say, paused. You mean, besides being murdered by Meredith Grey? Well, it would set the research project off by a day. Stephanie responds. Cristina sneaks back out, her sneaky, sneaky questions answered.


While Derek and Jackson are mid-twitch surgery, Leah pops in to let Jackson know that a patient with a facial laceration has come in. He tells her to have the patient wait for an hour until he’s done, and sends her off. Derek defends Leah’s skills (just ask Arizona) and questions Jackson’s tight grip on his patients. Jackson flat out tells Derek that he’s better than all of them, so why let them do a less than Avery job on it. Derek then reminds Jackson of the way Mark Sloan used to talk to him, calling him names and undermining his skills. It’s a teaching hospital, and no one will learn if they have no experience. Jackson agrees to let up a little. Also, you just can’t leave people with overflowing drains and face chunks flapping in the wind, Jackson.

As tempted as Cristina is to try the technique Ross suggested, she tells him that they can’t do it. He presses her, saying that the biological conduit is the best option the baby has. Cristina reminds him that the printer is Meredith’s and not theirs, so it’s off.

CJ continues to mess with Richard about his boring stories, and decides to give him a recipe for meatballs instead. When he expresses his dissatisfaction with her, an off-screen CJ goes silent, and there is a crashing sound. Richard, worried about her, pulls himself out of bed and into the hallway. There he sees her, lying facedown on the floor. His medical instincts and adrenaline kick in and he runs to her. As he assess her vitals, April runs to help as well. He falls right back into step and with that, the Richard Webber we love is finally back!



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