“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.8): Fork You

Derek and Jackson chase down Harvey the printer tech, and offer up their services in fixing his twitch. He is understandably wary and perhaps a little offended. To add insult to injury, Derek tosses the man’s donut away so he can have an empty stomach. Watch it Shepherd, you try to take my donut and I’ll stab you with Meredith’s fork.


Alex, king of the unimpressed, teases Meredith about the utensil. They run into Cristina and a noticeable chill rushes in. He asks Meredith what’s up, but she warns him to stay out of it.

Owen is being all chiefy, and moving surgeries around on the big whiteboard while Ben observes. Bailey stops by and gets all upset that she’s been moved from one OR to another. Owen doesn’t get her concern since the rooms are identical, and he welcomes Ben back warmly.

Cristina and Ross are working with a tiny human patient whose little body is rejecting his synthetic heart conduit. Cristina isn’t quite sure how to best tackle the situation other than meds and a wait and see approach and the parents call her and Ross out for not having the answers.


In the most uncomfortable interview ever, Callie is giving Emma the third degree about her resume, among other things. When Callie notices Emma left her old job after only a year, she tries to do some digging. It turns out that Emma and her ex husband worked at the same hospital, and it was just too hard to be in the same space, so she left. Callie gets that more than anyone, first with George and now Arizona. Callie attempts to be professional for about two seconds, but quickly turns the talk personal again.


Will, Alex’s teenage patient, is still slumbering when Alex and Meredith come in. He had an unfortunate run in with a clown in the wee hours (#PedsFloorProblems), but today he’s going in for major surgery. He has a very aggressive form of cancer and Alex and Mer are going in to try and remove most of, if not all of his tumors. While Meredith is confident she can remove all the tumors, Alex is more cautious, comparing the surgery to a challenging level of the video game they were playing. Meredith in turn goes all Lady PacMan. Major fail, Meredith.

In the scrub room, Bailey is suiting up for her intestine/esophagus surgery when she finds out that Ben will be her anesthesiologist. She’s not happy about it at all, and while Ben and Jo talk about the pros and cons of cookie sheets, she has the beginnings of a freak out. It appears her anxiety triggered OCD might be rearing its ugly head.


Derek and Jackson manage to get Harvey to sign on to the twitch surgery, but he’s having cold feet. When they pass Richard’s room, Richard pipes up that the surgery will work, because he trained these fools. Leah once again tries to get Jackson to let her assist his patient, and again he refuses.

April is stressing about Matthew’s proposition so she turns to her new BFF Arizona for advice. Their conversation goes something like this (I’m paraphrasing of course):

April: Oh my heavens, it’s so hard not to have the sexing with Matthew before our wedding. He’s still a virgin, unlike me, who had sex with Jackson and liked it a lot but felt super guilty about it and made everyone miserable. We make out and stuff, and there is dry humping but it’s so hard to put the brakes on. I wish I was good at saying no to temptation like you.

Arizona: Hmmm?

April: You know, like when not-intern Leah fell in lesbians with you but you put the kibosh on that right quick.

Arizona: Yeah about that. That is not accurate. I kinda actually turned that shit up to 11.

April: Pardon?

Arizona: Yeah, and the sexing? It’s pretty fantastic actually.

April: *shocked expression*

Arizona: Yeah I was surprised too, but the girl has some skills.

April: I can’t with you right now.

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