“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.7): Easy Peasy


Meredith and Jo complete their surgery on Richard, and it’s a success. (Of course) As Richard asks Jo to go through it, detail-by-detail, Meredith slips out to join the party.

The adult party at Joe’s is in full swing, with Stephanie as a sad, sad clown and Leah as some sort of rodeo vixen. Leah is ecstatic because all her tests cam back negative, and she had an energy exchange with Arizona. Stephanie, still can’t see shit. Jackson joins her, and she tells him that she should have taken his advice and not pushed herself. Jackson does the “I told you so” thing, and rubs in that he had wanted to take the day off and take care of his lady, but she was being stubborn. She promises to rest the next day, and he tells her that they should get started right now.


At Alex’s, the party is winding down as Meredith arrives. Everyone had a great time, and Callie and Arizona didn’t kill each other. In fact, for the first time, Callie looks at Arizona without daggers n his eyes. During all the activity, Cristina slips in with a whole bunch of cupcakes. She watches for a moment, all the kids and their parents laughing and playing. The realization that she doesn’t fit in, spreads within her. Cristina leaves the cupcakes and walks back out the door. Meredith sees the treats later on, and realizes that Cristina did show up.

Cristina goes to a place that she knows she fits in. Joe’s. There she meets a handsome stranger, and proclaims herself a sexy witch. Um, yes. She finds an empty seat at the bar, next to Ross. He’s all smiles and swagger and offers to buy her a drink. She hesitates for a moment, then accepts. Bad sharkie, bad! Just because you aren’t wearing any sleeves, doesn’t mean you can flirt with Cristina Yang. She is more woman than you could possibly handle.


At Alex’s, he’s eating all the candy and pretending not to be home. The doorbell rings and he reluctantly answers it. Standing there is Jo, dressed as the most beautiful Tinkerbell that has ever tinked. I started clapping immediately; just to ensure that she didn’t die in some freak porch accident. She asks to talk, and finally, he lets her in.


Here are some of out favorite #GreysGays tweets from “Thriller.”

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