“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.7): Easy Peasy


The father of the little girl is beside himself with worry. He tells Jo that he never would have taken her to Brazil if he’s have know that she could get sick. He promises that he really is a good dad, even if he’s a busy one. Jo assures him that she thinks so too and that while Alex is awesome with kids, he’s kind of terrible with adults.

When Face Bite guy wakes up, he thinks that he’s been quarantined and starts to panic. Jackson doesn’t really know how to react to this, but April gets the patients attention right quick. There are no zombies, or quarantines she tells him. Just crazy assholes that attack people randomly. Nothing supernatural about it, dude. Then she drops the mic. More of this April, please.


In a flurry of activity, Meredith runs into Derek. He’s all excited about the sensor breakthrough. Meredith grabs Ross to assist her with Richard, since he was so knowledgeable in his earlier suggestions for treatment. He tells her that he can’t, because there is something he has to do. Jo saddles up to Meredith at the same time and asks for her advice. That request is like Pavlov’s bell to most women, so they are off.

Bailey finally makes it home after her long and upsetting day, to find her house transformed into a Halloween spectacular. Ben and Tuck are looking totally adorable. Before Bailey can revel in the cuteness, Ben drops a bomb. He’s quitting his residency, because he wants to be with his family full time.


Arizona wanders into the intern locker room looking for Stephanie, but what she finds is a crying Leah. Leah tries to deny it at first, but the tears and red face say it all. When Arizona asks her what’s wrong, Leah blurts out that a psychotic guy who thought he was a zombie bit her and that she’s waiting for her HIV results. Also, she’s fucking terrified. Arizona asks why Leah didn’t tell her, and Leah confesses that she was trying not to complicate things. She’s trying to be easy instead of needy, and it is damn hard. Then finally, we get a glimpse of the Arizona we all love so dearly. The “good man in a storm” Arizona, who isn’t caught up in drama or anger or bullshit. She sits down and tells Leah about the first time she was stuck with a needle, and how frightened she was. She knows the fear that Leah is experiencing right then because she’s been in her shoes. She looks at Leah, like it’s the first time that she is really seeing her and tells her this is not the time to be easy peasy. What exists between Leah and Arizona, isn’t love. It’s not a mad, wondrous thing. But there is affection there. No one is being unfaithful. No one is making a commitment right now. It’s just affection at a time where both women need it, and want it.


Ross goes to check on the old lady and decides to come clean about Brooks. He tells her that Brooks died three months prior, and he knows that she was treating the woman under the table. He gives her medicine for free and says that he will be her doctor from now on. When she asks if he is as good as Brooks, he says no, but one day he will be. With that, Ross lets go of the ghost of Heather Brooks.

Meredith has decided to take Jo with her to Richard’s surgery. Jo asks is she can tell Meredith a secret about Alex and she says no way. She does however tell Jo to stick with Alex while he works through his issues. Meredith has he hands full with babies and surgeries and studies. She doesn’t have time to put Alex back together right now.


Rather than be excited that Ben is coming back to Seattle, Bailey is shocked that he is leaving his residency program. For Ben, it’s too hard to have his heart and his head reside in two different states. Bailey, who loves surgery more than breathing, can’t believe that Ben doesn’t love it as much. Ben tells her that he loves her and Tuck more. He is so happy to be home with his wife and step-son, that it’s all the more heartbreaking when Bailey says the D word. Disappointment. She’s disappointed in him, and he looks like a kid who just had all his candy taken away.

Owen has been thinking about Emma and decides what the hell, and calls her. He leaves her a rambling, inarticulate voicemail about how she’s easy…but not that way….oh shit, then flushes with embarrassment. His face lights up though, when she calls him right back.

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