“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.7): Easy Peasy

Callie and Meredith attempt to help the woman with the….wound situation, but she’s inconsolable about being in the hospital. Her son asks if they can just sedate her and take care of the leg, but as usual, Meredith has a better idea and heads to the gift shop.

Ross is working in triage when he stumbles across an old woman, hacking away and looking for Heather Brooks. Ross’ blood runs cold, as he tells the woman that Brooks is not there. The woman, as creepily as possible, insists that she’s always there. (Insert scary ghost noise here.) Ross asks Bailey for advice, and she tells him not to tell the old lady about Brooks’ passing. When he turns around, the old woman is standing right there. He asks for her name but she insists on waiting for Dr. Brooks.


Owen and Cristina are in the OR with Zombie Guy, and Owen feels like he’s driving in England with all these backwards organs. Cristina, feeling a little lost, tries to talk to Owen about Meredith.

Meredith, genius that she is, comes back with an eye mask for the woman with the leg wound. Meredith starts chatting her up about Halloween to distract her and it works. Callie pops in to assist her. They manage to ease her into an OR to take care of the wound.

Alex is still being a first class ass to Jo, so she finally asks him what his problem is. She tries to talk with him and get something out of him, but he retreats to his jerky ways and blows her off again.

Ben is doing a bang up job on Zola’s wings, and something clicks for Derek as they inspect the costume. Bailey is busy railing about the incompetent second years, and their built in entitlements. Damn Millennials. Richard counters by telling Bailey that he is trying to teach them all to be better doctors, and Bailey won’t let them learn. He then does the unthinkable, and kicks Bailey off his case. She walks away, completely dazed.


In surgery, Callie comments to Meredith that the maggots likely saved the woman’s leg by eating the necrotic tissue. Happy Halloween! Talk turns to the party, which Callie tells Meredith she will not be attending because of Arizona. They do some mommy bonding. (For example: Kids are cute when they are blindfolded and trying to grab apples with their tiny teeth) While in surgery, Meredith gets a call that Richard wants her to oversee his surgery.

In a terrific bit of camera work, Stephanie and Leah lie head to head, eating candy, and stressing about their medical situations. They do their best to comfort each other in their own weird ways, and it’s a real moment of their friendship evolving.


Jackson and April are working on the man with the bitten face, and his carotid artery is damaged. Stephanie keeps sending him misspelled texts, and he send her back words of encouragement. He even has the nurse respond and tell he that she’s beautiful. Meanwhile, April is like, “da fuck”?  Jackson is trying to be a better boyfriend, and he’s doing a pretty decent job.

After surgery, Meredith gives Richard an earful about his request. She tells him to find another doctor, but he apologizes for his unkind words a few weeks back. He tells her that he wouldn’t even be alive if it weren’t for Meredith and asks her to help him teach these doctors.


Inspired by the design of Zola’s winged costume, Derek has figured out a better way to attach the sensors. Ben is impressed and asks if Derek regrets taking a step back from surgery. In a word, no.

Alex, who’s had a lifetime of tricks instead of treats (cough Izzie cough), is still stomping around the hospital. Jo tells him that the little girl went to Brazil with her father, and maybe she picked up something there. He yells at her for not telling him sooner. He then yells at the father for not paying attention to his child. The little girl isn’t producing enough adrenaline, and if she’s surprised or frightened, it could send her body into shock. They run off to find her.  Ross is looking for his own patient, and runs into Stephanie. He tells her about the old woman and she teases him that perhaps she is a ghost. She lets him know that Brooks did a lot of work with the homeless and uninsured, and the old woman is probably one of those patients. The little girl, who is attempting to trick or treat, and the old woman have a run in down a dark hallway. The little girl is frightened into shock and the old woman collapses. Alex and Jo find them both and rush to save them.

Callie checks on the leg wound woman, making sure she’s comfortable. The woman is doing much better and protests when Callie offers to stay with her. Callie is looking for a way out of dealing with the party and Arizona, but the woman tells her not to miss these little moments in her child’s life. They grown up so fast and before you know it, they will be toilet papering elderly people’s homes, and forgoing the treating to give each other hickeys behind the bleachers.


Cristina is still stressing about the party and processing her friendship with Meredith like only a non-sexual lesbian life partner can. Meredith has asked her to pick up cupcakes, but she dissects the text, wondering if it’s just a backhanded way of telling her not to come. Owen tells her that she’s reading way too much into it.

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