“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.6): A Sliding Scale


Derek is getting ready to work on Mickey and Ross responds to his page. Ross tells Derek that he’d rather not scrub in, but Derek tells him to get over his shit. Ross raises his voice and basically breaks up with Derek, right then and there. With Derek, he was second choice. With Cristina, he’s a shark in training.

Speaking of Cristina, she and Ross get to deliver the good news to Ankle Guy and Annie Potts. The growth of the tumor has been stopped, and he’s going to live. Relived and terrified, the couple looks toward a new lease on life, and bankruptcy.

Ross is feeling mighty good, but Stephanie crashes his party. He thinks she’s mad because he came up with a fix for the AVM, but really, she’s still pissed about their kiss. Ross tries to play it off like Stephanie is upset because the kiss meant more to her. Her head nearly pops off with frustration. Leah jumps in and spills the beans about Arizona. Ross asks if she’s gay now, and she tells him to grow up. She says that sexuality is a sliding scale, and she’s all slid up on Arizona at the moment. This may be one of my favorite things ever uttered on Grey’s Anatomy. The ease and nonchalance in which Leah describes herself, is sheer perfection. She’s not down with labels, but she’s down with a certain blonde doctor. In fact, Leah thinks she might just be in love. This statement proves to be one of those things that’s better left being spoken in one’s own head. Arizona overhears the conversation and calls Leah over. Leah wears the smile of deep infatuation, but Arizona takes a moment to wipe it right off her face. She tells Leah that what happened between them was a fun, meaningless, one-time thing and like Olivia Pope, she is going to shut.it.down. Leah stands in front of Arizona like she has just swallowed a thousand firecrackers and doesn’t want anyone to know. She delivers this monologue:

There’s no need to apologize, it’s my fault. I don’t open up to people much and when I try to open up a little bit, I can get carried away. It’s happened before. And you…I’ve just always admired you as a surgeon and a person, and the thought that you thought about me…I misunderstood. I went overboard and I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.

Then, in the most desperate attempts at saving face and stamping out her feelings, Leah offers her hand for Arizona to shake. Arizona softens and in a rare moment of real connection between them, calls her Leah.  “Thank you for understanding,” Leah says as she runs off crying.


Now just hear me out. There are moments, when everything you think and feel about someone gets turned on its head. Leah is self absorbed, overly intense, and sometimes heartless. But in this moment, something changed for me. Let me preface this by saying I am not jumping on to a Leah/Arizona bandwagon. Far from it. What I am saying is, I no longer think that Leah is the worst. I can say that because I have been a Leah, as have many of us. Desperate to be truly known, full of wondrous daydreams built on a moment or two of bliss. Young, impulsive, careless. She became just a little bit real to me. I’ve fallen for people in the span of an evening, and thought my heart would burst with desire for a practical stranger. Blame it on youth, and reckless abandon. Don’t you remember the first time you felt understood? Wasn’t it intoxicating? I don’t think that Leah is a good match for Arizona, but I don’t fault Leah for wanting it.

At the random bar, Alex is joined by his father. He sits next to Alex and recognizes him as a doctor from the hospital. He doesn’t get why Alex is at this dive, but Alex tells him that he likes the music. His father cracks some jokes about his sorry lot in life. When Alex tells him that he’s a pediatric surgeon, his father tells the story of the day his son choked, and was saved by people like Alex. Alex asks about his family but his father tells him that it’s complicated. Instead, he asks Alex to jam with him.

Try as he might, Derek is unable to save Mickey and he dies on the table. Callie watches from the observation room, and puts her head in her hands. In the corridor she runs in to Meredith, who is buzzing with excitement. Meredith is going to follow her mother’s passion as well. Callie watches her walk away, and something registers on her face.


All of Jo’s hard work finally comes to fruition when she discovers that a pancreatic pseudocyst is causing Richard’s pain. Richard is pleased and tells her that he finally feels like he’s in good hands.

After seriously rocking it out, Alex’s dad gets serious with him. He starts talking about mistakes and not being able to go back again. Alex allows himself to open the door just a crack to this man. His father asks if Alex wants to see a picture of his son. When he pulls it out, Alex is shocked to see that it is an unfamiliar young boy. Disappointment, shame, and anger all rise to the surface for Alex. He yells at his father, then hauls off and punches him. In that moment, recognition finally flickers across his father’s face.


Derek and Callie are doing a post mortem on Mickey, removing his brain for further study. Callie admits that Derek was right about her reasons for wanting to abandon the study. Now, more than ever she wants to commit to it, and rather than simply doing it for her wife, she’s doing it for millions of people. She can’t do it alone though, and asks for Derek’s help.

After a long day of gluing people back together, Cristina catches a glimpse of Owen and Emma kissing. She goes to the one person who gets her, her person, Meredith. Meredith is still smarting over Cristina’s takedown, and isn’t exactly hanging on her every word. Cristina tries to engage her, but Meredith is fed up. “You pushed me aside because I had a baby,” Meredith tells her. Cristina doesn’t have time for things she doesn’t value and right now, Meredith doesn’t have time for her.


Jo finally confronts Alex in his house. Alex is still enraged from earlier and asks Jo if she’s proud of herself. He burns with disappointment, a feeling he had packed away a long time ago. He runs upstairs and flops himself on the bed like a ten-year-old. Also tossing in bed is Arizona. What do you do when you aren’t good at being alone? You find a somewhere or someone to grab onto. She picks up her phone (which has enormous font by the way) and writes a text to Leah. “What are you up to?” She hesitates for a moment, then presses send. Physician, heal thyself! Arizona won’t stop hurting and the longing won’t cease until she starts looking inward instead of outside of herself.


At the Mer/Der mansion, Meredith is excited about her new research project. Derek decides that now is the time for him to step back and let her take the lead. He’s going to focus on his project with Callie, and spending time with his beloved children. He encourages Meredith to go forth and show the world what she can do. She’s skeptical, and teases him about having all the fun. Their love is palpable, and all the wrong turns and missteps they made along the way, seem like an eternity ago. They followed the path to each other, and now their path has led them home. The cup has made its way home as well. It’s been mishandled, broken, glued but now is back in its rightful place.


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