“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.6): A Sliding Scale


Speaking of venous malformations, Cristina delivers the bad news to Ankle Guy and his wife. Well, at least she thinks she’s delivering the bad news. It turns out that the couple has known about the defect for a while. They’ve tried all the treatments, but nothing worked, so they made peace with the inevitability of his demise. He’s going to go out, but he’s going out having lived life to the fullest. Annie Potts comforts a completely befuddled Cristina.

Derek goes to Mickey and explains that his options are pretty much nil, and they will have to remove the sensors from his brain. The tumor might be giving abnormal results and thusly, the study could be compromised. Mickey isn’t about to relinquish the sensors though. The only way he will is if Derek tries to remove his tumor along with them.

In the OR, Emma is engrossed in the surgery that Arizona is performing. However, Arizona needs some girl advice, stat. She asks Alex if he’s ever had a girl get super clingy after a heated smooch session. Alex is like, I’ve slept with every woman in the hospital, and you know who is that worst with that? Leah Murphy. You can see the “oh shit” look on Arizona’s face, even with her mask on. The scene cuts to Leah, waxing poetic about her secret love like a regular Doris Day. Ross is gluing the red mug, and being an overall killjoy. Jo is stressed about Alex, and Leah is not helping the situation by telling Jo that she’s one stop from Dumpsville. Stephanie and Ross get into it about the mug, and talk turns to Ankle Guy’s tumor. Stephanie shows the film to the interns, and suddenly Ross gets inspired and runs off to find Cristina. Glue! Could the glue save Ankle guy’s life, he asks. Cristina, never afraid of a challenge, says maybe. She’s going to need an awful lot of glue.


Derek now knows that nothing is going to save Mickey and asks for Callie’s help in convincing him. Callie doesn’t seem to take the whole thing very seriously, so Derek drops a truth bomb. Callie doesn’t want to face Mickey and tell him that she’s bailing on the project, and she’s bailing because of Arizona. Callie wanted to do this project because of her wife, and now that they are separated, Callie is throwing away all the time and research she put into it because her personal life is getting in the way. She goes back at him, and accuses him of dropping the project to spend more time with his family. Derek tells her that it’s different, and Callie asks how. Because Derek has a perfect family, a perfect wife, and a Mer/Der mansion? And Callie’s life is a mess, and everything hurts? He tries to empathize but he can’t. She opens up about facing the devastation that is her current headspace. She’s just trying to figure it all out. She tells him that she will talk to Mickey, and try to make him understand.


Jo is still trying to get to the bottom of Richard’s shoulder pain, and he’s getting fed up. She’s not breaking the surface of the issues, so he tells her to dig deeper and get out.

Bailey finds Meredith hemming and hawing about her research project. She’s possibly moving in to something else because her mother’s research is outdated. Plus, Meredith is afraid of being compared to her mother. Bailey doesn’t think that would be such a bad thing. A faulty printer leads to a moment of inspiration for Meredith. What if she used a 3D printer to make a portal vein? I love a good eureka moment.


Cristina explains to Ankle Guy and Annie Potts, what she’d like to try with the glue. She thinks it might save his life, which the couple doesn’t take as well as she thought they would. See, they maxed out all their credit cards, blew up some boats, and committed a handful of other felonies, with the expectation that the life insurance would cover their debts. If Ankle Guy lives, they are in a boatload…sorry…of trouble. It’s risky procedure and the possibility that the husband could die on the table, brings them a little comfort. To that end, Cristina is going to need all the glue they have.

Meredith is running around, frantically looking for her mother’s journal. Ross has given it to Stephanie. Stephanie gets interrupted by April, (Hi April!) who is confused as to why Ankle Guy is now Heart Surgery Guy. Stephanie is confused too, and the mug makes its way to the nurse’s station.

Yang is getting scrubbed up, when she bumps in to Emma again. Emma asks her about the glue surgery and is impressed that it’s never been tried before. Cristina introduces herself to Emma, but the other doctor is not picking up on what she’s trying to say. Finally, Cristina tells Emma that she is Owen’s ex, and Emma looks as if she might puke all over Cristina’s Crocs.


Alex is still doing his best to dodge Jo, but she catches up with him at the elevator. She asks if he’s seeing someone else, and he tells her no. She wants to know where he’s been running off to, but he tells her to mind her own business. Oh the pitfalls of dating Karev.

Callie approaches Mickey, who is playing a video game WITH HIS BRAIN! She tries to explain that the surgery he wants could kill him. He confesses to her how he ended up a quadriplegic. He was a drunk driver who killed two young women before paralyzing himself. For years, he wished he would die. Now he finally feels like he is doing something good for the world. Even if he dies, he will at least be giving of himself to science.

We finally find out where Alex has been running off to. It’s a bar, but not Joe’s. It’s a little seedier and out of the way, but has something that Joe’s doesn’t. His father, playing live music.


After hearing Mickey’s reasoning, Callie convinces Derek to perform the surgery. He agrees and arranges it for that evening. He asks her to page Ross for him. Ross however is already in surgery with Cristina. Cristina is impressed with her possible protégée’s insights, and calls him Sharkie again.

Jo, once again trying to suss out what’s wrong with Richard, runs to the nurses station and orders an ultrasound. For a moment, Meredith thinks Jo might be pregnant, but she explains the ultrasound is not for her. Jo then panics because she worries that Alex might think she’s pregnant, and that’s why he’s avoiding her. Meredith tunes her out, because low and behold, the mug has shown up again. And attached to it? Her mother’s journal.

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