“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.5): Dirty Pillows

Also at Joe’s are Stephanie and Catherine, who are waiting for Jackson to arrive. Stephanie breaks it down for Catherine. She’s a lot more than the girl in her bra, making out with Catherine’s son. There are so many more interesting things about her, things that she hopes she gets to show her. Catherine lets up on the poor girl, and when Jackson arrives, he’s pleasantly surprised to see them getting along.

At the Mer/Der Mansion, Meredith is slamming cupboards and raging when Derek gets home. She’s mad at Cristina so she naturally takes it out on Derek, blaming him for losing out on the surgery. Meredith says that she shouldn’t have to choose between being a great mom, and being a great doctor. They continue to argue, as Meredith battles against the conflicting feelings in her own head.


Back in her apartment, Callie is finally alone with her thoughts. There is something about that feeling of being alone in a home you once shared with someone. It’s overwhelmingly sad, but also full of new possibility. Familiar and disorienting all at the same time. There are things you trade, things you give up, to merge your world with another. How do you know when you’ve given up too much? Callie has been giving up pieces of herself for years. She wants to remember what it feels like to be Callie before Arizona. Before Erica and Mark. Before George. The girl who danced in her underwear like no one was watching. Now no one is, so she slips off her pants, and slips on her earphones. She moves her hips, and slides her bare feet across the floor. Lost in the rhythm, lost in the words, each step bringing her closer to finding herself again.


Here are some of our favorite #GreysGays tweets from “I Bet It Stung.”

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