“Grey’s Anatomy” recap (10.5): Dirty Pillows

Jo bounces into Alex’s dad’s room as he is packing up to leave. She has great news. She got him a spot in a free rehab clinic, but he doesn’t want her help. He asks her why she is doing all of this for him. He doesn’t want to set her or anyone else up for disappointment. That’s how he lost his family, his everything. Jo finds Alex to tell him that his father has a lifetime full of regrets, and maybe he should hear him out. Alex warns her not to bring it up ever again and storms off.

We next see Alex stitching up little Zola while Meredith comforts her. She is feeling so torn about her desire and commitment to be both a good mother and surgeon. Just then, she gets word that the double transplant in going into surgery immediately. While she was away, their patient went into distress and Cristina needed to act fast, so recruited Bailey to join her. Alex offers to stay with Zola while Meredith runs to scrub in.


Callie returns from Daredevil Girl’s surgery with bad news for the sister. She needs a kidney. The sister offers up herself up like a side of beef. “Here I am, take it!” Callie decides to have a heart to heart with her. She tells the sister that she doesn’t need to be someone’s spare parts anymore. She can say no. Callie’s own words resonate within her, as she encourages the woman to choose herself for once. They both scream “no” at the top of their lungs. Callie smiles bigger and brighter than she has in weeks.


Beenis Sting’s wife arrives to comfort her husband. When they tell her what happened she isn’t at all surprised. He is kind of into pain, in particular, the insect sting variety. It just went a little too far this time. I mean, isn’t that the way it always goes? It’s an average Tuesday, and the next thing you know, you are sticking your weenis into an active hive. Stephanie reaches down to pick her jaw up off the floor. His wife tells them that this is just one weird thing, out of all the other wonderful things about her husband. It’s not everything he is. (Some things, however, are deal breakers, lady.)

Meredith makes it to scrub room, just as Bailey and Cristina are getting ready to go into the OR. Cristina is short with Meredith, telling her that she’s been replaced on the surgery because she’s late and has been so distracted. Bailey offers a slight apology, and Meredith is left fuming.


Leah checks in on Richard, who’s white blood count is elevated. She wants to put him on antibiotics, but he forces her to do some real, hands on doctoring. As she plucks up the nerve to examine him, he guides her through a diagnosis, doing what he does best. Teach. Catherine is thrilled that her bossy baby is back. She also realizes that this means he isn’t coming home with her after all. “These fools need me,” he tells her. They cuddle up together on his bed, and he promises to stick around. Knowing Catherine, she’ll do everything in her power to help him keep his word.

Callie has a bit of a spring in her step again when she runs into Owen on her way out for the night. He tells her that Daredevil Girl’s sister is donating a kidney after-all and Callie’s spring is no longer sprung.

Alex’s dad is leaving the hospital via the Elevator of Feelings, and bumps into Alex on the way down. Alex stands in silence, too afraid to speak. When his father turns and acknowledges him, it’s clear that he doesn’t recognize his own son. Alex’s face is a mix of disappointment and relief.


Meredith waits for Cristina to come out of surgery, and then accuses Cristina of stealing it from her. When Meredith claims to be just as good of a surgeon as Cristina, Cristina responds with a big, fat, dose of the truth. She isn’t. Meredith’s priorities have changed since having children. She no longer steps up like the other doctors do. A piece of her heart and mind are with her babies, and there isn’t anything wrong with that, Cristina contends. Meredith is in a place where a lot of women find themselves. We are told we can have it all, but find that the world doesn’t exactly facilitate that with ease. We push to break through the glass ceiling, only to find that it’s the closing doors that are the most difficult to navigate.

At Joe’s Bar, an exhausted but still quite lovely Arizona orders a stiff drink. Callie walks up to her, and for a moment, Arizona’s heart leaps. Callie has come there on a mission though. She wants Arizona out of their apartment, and she’ll be sending an intern to packing up her belongings. Callie is done taking care of people. She reminds Arizona how she took care of her for a year, because she needed her to. Now she doesn’t, and Callie wants her life back. Arizona doesn’t cry, or speak really. She just absorbs the barbs. Sometimes you just don’t have any tears left. When Callie leaves, Leah, who’s been sitting quietly at the bar, offers to let Arizona stay with her. Arizona can’t take it anymore, so she flat out asks Leah what happened between them. Arizona fumbles her words and calls Leah pretty.

At this point, she is overall pretty mortified at her life. Leah tells her that they just hung out. She called to check on Arizona after the gala and when she didn’t pick up, Leah headed over to her place. There, she found Arizona passed out on the hallway floor. That night, they had a dance party, ate epic grilled cheese sandwiches and bonded. Leah is disappointed that Arizona doesn’t remember much beyond the grilled cheese, because it was the first time in forever that Leah felt like someone understood her. Oh Leah. It’s such a blessed thing when you meet someone who just gets you. It’s got to be a little heartbreaking to be the only one who remembers it. Arizona is relieved, but Leah doesn’t let her off the hook about the “pretty” comment.

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